Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Grandma's Stories--901--Sinhasan Batteesi !! { 8 }

Next day when King Bhoj again went to sit on the Throne,when eighth female statue Pushpvati said,I will tell you a story of arts and crafts love.One day a skilled carpenter came there ,he brought an amazing horse,it was made by such a technology,he could run fast ,swim in the water and fly in the sky.King Vikramaditya bought that because he used to appreciate people who are artists,he gave cash Prize to the carpenter.King Vikramaditya then decided to test it,With some soldiers he set forth for hunting.When King Vikramaditya pushed the speed button and it started running fast,then he pushed the flying button,it started flying,he became very happy,all the soldiers left behind.Suddenly the horse became out of control,it dashed to a tree and broke into many parts.He saw a hut there,a female monkey was stopping him to enter in it,and  so he climbed on a tree and started watching .A saint arrived,then the female monkey also.There were two clay pots kept there,he sprinkled first pot's water on her and she became a princess,whole night she was massaging that saint's feet.In the morning the saint sprinkle the second pot's water on her and she again became a female monkey.When the saint went away,King Vikramaditya got down from the tree,and sprinkled first pot's water on her she became beautiful princess,,she said,I am Kamdev's Apsara{ Beautiful Dancer}Pushpavati's daughter Kamini.One day when I was playing by mistake my arrow hurt this saint,he cursed me to become a female monkey,I requested him a lot then he said,"the day King Vikramaditya  comes here ,you will be free from this curse,and the day the saint becomes happy and gifts you some thing you will be free,Vikramaditya suggested her to ask some gift,In the evening she asked a gift,the saint gave her a flower and said,"Every day you will get a gem from it"She was now curse free,she had gone with King Vikramaditya,and got married to him,a poor boy asked that lotus flower King Vikramaditya gav it to him.One day Royal soldiers caught him and brought to the court,they said the boy was selling precious gems,and when asked he said he had a divine lotus flower.King Vikramaditya said " Let him go,we can't punish any body without any proof."Pushpavati asked," king Bhoj ! can you do this ? If not then you are not eligible to sit on this throne.Raja Bhoj moved back.  

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