Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Grandma's Stories--813--Chang & Chao !!

Chang and Chao were two brothers living in China's one Country side village.Chang was elder and Chao was the younger brother.Chang was clever and cunning.After father Peng's death he snatched almost all the property and gave Chao just a small hut to live and ask him to do hard work for livelihood.It wasnew year's eve every one was happy in the world and preparing to welcome the new year,new clothes,good food and colourful decorations all over,It was a party time for every one.Chao did not have even food to eat.He went to Chang and asked 1 Kg.of rice but he denied.Chao was coming back very sad.On the way he met an old man named Zhu, He told every thing to him.The old man was holding a bundle of sticks.He asked Chao to help him the bundle taking to his home and then he will give him an amazing thing which could make him Rich.Chao agreed,he put the bundle on his head and followed Zhu.When they reached Zhu's home,Zhu gave him a Pancake.He said "Go towards North,You will see there an old  Church ,there is a cave behind the church.Some dwarfs live there.They like Pan Cakes.They will try to take this Pancake any how,Don't ask money from them,ask Stone grinder from them.Chao took the Pancake and reached behind the Church.He saw the Dwarfs were trying to take a wooden log inside the cave.Chao helped them taking the log inside. Dwarf Prince asked the Pancake,Chao said,"Give me the Stone Grinder"The Dwarf Prince gave him the Grinder,He said,"If you move it's handle to the right it will give every thing which is asked,then it would stop only when you move  it's handle left. Chao became very happy,he got lot of money food grains,and other essential things.He built a big house,started a good business.When Chang saw this he went to chao and asked the reason of his wealth.Chao was very simple he brought the stone grinder and showed it to Chang ," If we move its handle right it gives every thing which is asked-------"Without listening the complete sentence Chang picked up the grinder and ran away,He sold all his property to a rich man ,packed some food and set forth for a voyage,he decided to get settled in an island.He was feeling hunger,he started eating but it was tasteless because he forgot to put salt.Suddenly an idea clicked in his mind,I have got the grinder,He moved the handle right and said "salt"Salt started coming out,He did not know how to stop it ,The boat drown,the grinder is still on ,and making the sea water salty.  

Monday, December 5, 2016

Grandma's Stories--812--The Missing Cock !!

There was an old lady named Fatima Bibi was living in a village.She had a dairy farm in which she had have thirty cows.She had a  lovely Rooster{Cock} named Jahangeer khan.He was black feathers with red beak and red crest.Fatima Bibi loved him like a child.She was giving him good food to eat.He also loved Fatima Bibi very much .Basically Roosters crow at dawn,but Jahangeer khan's crow could be heard any time in the midnight.Fatima Bibi's quick waking up and other actions used to start with Jahangeer Khan's crow.
Fatima Bibi had have two persons to work for her dairy farm.One was Nooruddin and another was Shameem.Both were not very good and used to think like cheaters.It was their habit to steal the milk and mix equal water in it.Fatima Bibi was a very clever woman but still they get success in stealing Milk.In last few days a new problem arose for them, Jahangeer khan started crowing in the midnight whenever he heard their talk or any type of sound which occur during stealing of milk.Hearing his crow Fatima Bibi's quick arrival down stairs in the dairy farm was now a terror for them.Though they were not caught,but Jahangeer Khan was now intolerable for them.It was very tough to catch him all the time he was with Fatima Bibi.Only at the time she counts money in the evening,at about 5 P.M. Jahangeer khan just walk around the dairy,but at that time both of them were also with Fatima Bibi.At last they planned and Nooruddin took leave saying he is sick.In the Evening he caught the Cock,hid him far away in his cottage.When Fatima Bibi did not find him,She gone mad,and started searching him here and there.But she failed. She couldn't sleep that night.But at the dawn she heard Jahangeer Khan's Crow,He was sitting at his own place near her bed.Actually Nooruddin's house was not cemented or made of breaks,but made of straw ,so it was quite easy for Jahangeer Khan to run and come back.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Grandma's Stories--811--Four Lazy Boys !!

Ramnath was living in Northern  part of India.He was a farmer and quite big land.He used to get good quantity of wheat crop from his land.He was a hard worker,He worked whether it is Hot summer or cold winter or it is a rainy season.He had four sons,Kishan,Vishnu,Shiva and Ganesh.His wife died very early while the eldest Kishan was thirteen,Vishnu was Ten,Shiva was Seven  and the youngest Ganesh was just three.He brought them up on his own,He had to do all house hold works,like cooking cleaning and washing clothes and also farming.He worked like a machine.He fulfilled all the demands of his children but he forgot that only providing everything is not enough and children need to be disciplined.Now the Children became lazy,they were getting all things ready,and they now started asking money from him,They were playing all day long outside the house with other children not doing any thing like them.Ramnath was growing old.Seven years passed,Now Ramnath was growing old his eldest son Kishan was 20,Vishnu was 17,Shiva was 14 and the youngest Ganesh was also 10 Years old.Ramnath was worried about his children.One day When they came and asked money he said ,'I don't have money in my hand.As I had buried a big amount of money,your mom's Ornaments and other Jewels,in our farm but now I forgot the place where did I bury.Now I am quite old and can't dig the whole farm.All the children said,"We can do it We will do it"Next morning they went with spade and axe ,The dug the whole farm in a day but didn't find any treasure box.They came home sad.But Ramnath said ,"Don't worry ! That we'll get any time but its good that you all dug the farm,Tomorrow we all are going to sow seeds,and after three months we will get the money by selling our crops more than any such treasure.Sons said ,"Really " Ya ! said Ramnath.Next day on wards they all got busy in sowing watering their farm.After three months They got big amount of wheat crop,they sold and got big money.Ramnath said,"I lied ,there is no such treasure box buried in our farm,but this is the real treasure you continuously could get from this farm.He distributed the amount in six parts,he gave four to his children,one for himself and the sixth was to buy seeds again.He distributed the works equally also so that each one can't complain for,He asked them to live together always,because "Unity is Strength".Happiness multiply here and sharing troubles make them very very less.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Grandma's Stories--810--Bear & Bear --Part 2

In Part One we left the story where Baby Bear was Dancing ,his master was beating the drum,and some times pulling the string of his nose.Mamma Bear was also trapped by the Circus People and was being taken in a Van.At the Red Light where The Baby Bear was dancing ,surrounded by crowed ,The Van stopped Mamma Bear watched out of its Window,His Baby was Dancing,Baby Bear also recognized his Mamma,For just few moments they looked at each other,and then the red light turned into green and the Van Moved ahead.
Now What happened after that:
The Man who was now the Master of the Baby Bear was living in a Village.A stray Dog used to move around in search of food there.Now he was a good friend of Baby Bear.That day while Baby Bear reached back and met him he described him about how he saw his Mamma,trapped in a Van at Red light.The Stray Dog said,"I know to which Circus this Van Belong to.The Circus arrived just fifteen days ago,and will stay here fifteen to twenty more days in this Town,as Circus People don't stay much in one town.Do you want to rescue your Mamma ? Baby Bear's eyes shined for a moment then again became sad,He said,"How ? For that I need to get free first."That is not tough,just chew the string and come with me." Baby Bear was surprised,Why didn't he think like that,He quickly chewed the string and was free.He ran with the dog.It was night and dark,so no body could see them.Stray dog took him straight to the Circus,They found the Van,Mamma Bear was still in it,as Circus People did not shift her in a cage.Baby Bear saw the door was not locked,and he knew how to open the door,as he was living  with a man,He opened the door quickly,He wanted to rescue all the animals but the Stray Dog said ,"It is not at all Possible and it would be a noisy program and the Circus owner,Manager and other workers may wake up so leave the thought.Mamma hugged her Baby,They Thanked The Stray Dog and ran towards the Jungle.They reached before the day dawn. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Grandma's Stories--809--The Old Tree !!

It was really unfortunate to see cutting an old big huge and thick tree.It was in the Play Ground of My school and might be one hundred years or more old.I was the Witness and one of my friend too.Though there were many students around ,some were playing,some were just sitting and chatting.Some were watching without any feeling as if some very normal general thing was going on.I was feeling bad,very bad,my friend was so emotional seeing the scene his both eyes were filled with tears.Both of us approximately joined the school together,when we were 3 years old,in Play Group { Nursery }I still remember the day of our written test for admission and waiting for the result sitting under that tree { My mom told me about that } After that Many times sitting under that tree,chatting,telling jokes and sharing funny experiences.
We spent ten long years in this school and this is our last year.Young children have organized a farewell Party for us tomorrow.As we are leaving the school after examinations and going to join High School for further studies.We are sad ,very sad as we are leaving the school but cutting the tree has made us more sad.We are taught not to cut trees,save environment,Plant more trees,Save your Planet.Plants give us Oxygen they inhale Carbon Dioxide.They are True friends of Human Beings.Then Why ? People who came for doing this job came in a truck .I had seen a Signboard On the truck " Tree Surgeon ",Surgery is always done for the betterment of either human body ,animal body or that might be a tree.We have learnt in our books about Indian Scientist Jagdish Chandra Basu,Who experienced in his early child hood and Proved "Plants have Life,they are lively like us,they get hurt,they feel.I don't know Whether this act is good for the tree,because they cut it about one Mtrs. up from its roots,Would it bloom again ? would branches and green leaves be viewed again.It is my request to all the readers Please Please save trees,save environment !!

Kejariwal-Kejariwal !!

केजरीवाल केजरीवाल !!
क्या अब भी तुम्हे समझ नहीं आ रहा ?
खिसक रही है तुम्हारी ज़मीन ,
उजागर हो गई है तुम्हारी असलियत
एक बेहद सोचा समझा कदम था तुम्हारा
करना हिंदुस्तान की सियासत
"ऐं वें " नहीं आ गए थे तुम ,
त्रस्त थे ,पस्त थे ,हम सब,
देख देख कर घोटालेबाजों के करतब ,
तुम ने ताड़ लिया था मौका ,
भांप लिया था जनता का मिजाज़ ,
अन्ना के कंधे पर रख कर बन्दूक ,
साध लिया था निशाना
तुम्हे मालूम था ,हम भोग रहे थे बिजली,पानी  की किल्लत,
सो तुमने इन्ही दो की दे के सहूलियत ,
आसानी से मार ली बाजी,हथिया ली दिल्ली की हुकूमत ,
लेकिन और भी बहुत कुछ करना होता है जनाब ,
जिसे तुमने किया नज़रअंदाज़ ,
मच्छरों की भरमार , डेंगू चिकनगुनिया से मरते लोग,
कॉलोनियों में महीनों से भरा जलभराव ,
लोगों के घरों की गिरती छत,दीवारों की दरारें,
कुछ भी नज़र नहीं आता तुम्हे ?
क्योंकि तुम तो शुरू से ही थे "बदनीयत"
लोग अब तुम्हारी कर रहे हैं हर चॅनल पर "लानत मलामत"
समझ रहे हैं तुम्हे "अलामत"
खुशफहमी ना पालो के बन जाओगे पी एम,
कहाँ "वो" और उनके सामने क्या है तुम्हारी "हैसियत"?
विपक्ष के "चालीस चोरों " में तुम भी हो एक ,
काश ! तुम समझ पाते कि "जनता समझदार हो गई है "
हांक नहीं सकते तुम "इस उस "ओर,
"काठ की हांडी " चढ़ती है एक बार,
रोक नहीं सकता कोई अब "भारत की रफ़्तार "!!!

Grandma's Stories--808--One Thousand Gold Coins !!

Long Ago There was a Kingdom in Western Part Of India.King's Name was Rajyvardhan.His State was very Prosperous.People were happy and satisfied with their own lives and with the governance.A three days Celebration of the foundation of the state was eagerly awaited by the people,All the state people were a part of the celebration.Different types of cultural activities and stage programs were organized by different groups.The third day was the Prize distribution day.
Four cheaters entered and mixed up with the State People.Their intention was to steel the one thousand gold coins bag,Which was kept there in a Glass Jar and was to be given to the person obtained highest Marks,in last two days activities.
One was a Brahmin,One was a Pauper,A clever Merchant,and a Dancer.They had heard a lot about the State.They belong to the neighbourhood state which was known as enemy,because many times that state's army attacked but to bite the dust.So it was strictly prohibited to enter in Rajyvardhan's State.Means all the State people were properly got enrolled in State's Registered.And any new person could easily be identified by others and so Participation in Program was not possible for them.
When the day was dawning and it was quite dark they stole the bag and ran away.They had to cross the Jungle and they did not want to take any Risk.There was an Inn at the Boundary of Rajyvardhan's State.It was in their own state's boundary.So they entered inside and hired two rooms,one for the Dancer,and other for the three people.
A boy took them to the room.his name was Vasu and he was actually a spy working for Rajyvardhan's state.Exchanging information Each night was a daily routine of a person Vallabh { Rajyavardhan's State}and Vasu.After five minutes,Vasu peeped and saw they were discussing where to hide the Gold Coin's Bag,Finally decided to hide in Brahmin's Cloth bag.Vasu understood the matter,he brought four glasses of cold drink for them.Drowsiness medicine was mixed in that.The all slept,Vasu took out the Gold Coin's bag.Ran towards the Tree where Vallabh was waiting.He handed over the bag and ran back fast.Late in the Morning the Cheaters woke up and did the first work check out the Inn and ran back to own state.Vasu was smiling.Both of them got big Prize money from Rajyvardhan.