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Grandma's Stories--1068--Detective Dora !! { 77 }

Shamsher Singh Rathore was a very rich old man living with his only daughter in his palace like big house.He was a land lord and was earning good amount from his land.Those days he was searching a good groom for his daughter Sakshi Rathore..One of his known person told him about Vijay Singh Son of Sujan singh.They owned a jewellery shop in the town and there was no other family member in there house.Shamsher Singh agreed and arrangements were done for the meeting.Bride and groom liked each other and marriage was fixed.
Marriage was performed according to the schedule.
After marriage Sakshi spent some good time.She gave birth to a baby girl.Her father fell seriously ill.She went to see him when he was on the death bed.He called his family lawyer and distributed all his property to his daughter and son in law Vijay singh.After funeral formalities the picture changed completely.Vijay singh was annoyed because he could get only 50 % of the property.He clearly said," I got married to you because of your property but I couldn
t get complete now you will have to give me that.Sakshi denied for it.Vijay sing started ill treating her behaving brute.He snatched her baby and asked her to do all house hold works, and stopped giving her proper food.
Dora was coming with Rohan from highway while she saw a lady laying on the road just like dead.She stopped the car and found that she was alive.Both of them took her to the hospital and when she came to the senses she described and said that she wants her baby back and doesn't want to go back to her husband.Exactly at the same time Sakshi's one friend Vijeta arrived there.When she was told the story by Sakshi she got very angry and wanted to go and ask Vijay Singh.Dora stopped her and made a plan to trap Vijay Singh,rad handed.
Vijeta agreed to perform her role.She was a ,modern girl.According to the plan she went to Vijay Singh's shop and showed bought many ornaments.Showed that she is very rich and only daughter of her Dad.Just has come from another country.
Vijay Singh was a greedy man so got attracted towards her.They started meeting each other.She was ready to get marry with her and marriage was performed in a private place.She said her father wants to start a big hotel for that he needs a big palace like house and he can spend big money for it.Vijay Singh's eyes sparkled,he said ," I know such palace like house,I am the owner of it and I can sell it.Next dat he signed some legal papers of sell deed,and received a cheque of big amount.The cheque bounced,he rushed home,the guard stopped him,Vijeta came out and said," This house and your shop are transferred to me legaly"" But you are my wife""Who told you ? She said," It is illegal to have a second wife" Sakshi came out with Dora and Rohan,She slapped him.She already got her baby in the house being taken care by a nanny.Police arrested father and son.Case of fraud was filed.Sakshi got her property back.She thanked Dora & Rohan,She thanked Vijeta too.

Dharm & Darshan !! { 421 } Govardhan Pooja,Annakoot,or Padwa !!

 Fourth day of the Diwali celebrations, Govardhan Puja is one of the very important days in the Diwali celebrations. It is also known as 'Padwa' or 'Varshapratiprada' in some parts of the country. This day is mainly celebrated in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. According to the Hindu epic and legend, the "Vishnu Puraan", the people of Gokul, Mathura used to worship Lord Indra for providing them with rains. They believed that it was him who blessed them with the rains for their welfare. 
But Lord Krishna explained to them that it was mount Govardhan (a small hill situated at Braj, near Mathura) who caused the rain and not Lord Indra, so the mount should be worshipped and not Lord Indra. So the people followed Lord Krishna and started worshipping mount Govardhan.
This made Lord Indra really furious and as a result of his anger of not being worshipped, the people of Gokul had to face heavy rains. Lord Krishna came to the people's rescue and after prayers and offerings to the mount Govardhan, he lifted it as an umbrella on the little finger of his right hand in order to provide shelter to the people. Lord Krishna was called Giridhari or Govardhandhari only after this event.
Govardhan is also known as 'Annakoot' which literally means 'Mountain of food'. It is a custom to prepare fifty six or one hundred and eight varieties of dishes to offer to Lord Krishna. This offering is referred to as 'Bhog'. 
specially in Mathura and Nathdwara, offering the “bhog" which is arranged and presented in form of a mountain in front of the idols as per the customs. 
Gudi Padwa--This day has a major significance in Hinduism. As per the customs and traditions, wives put 'Tilak' on the forehead of their husbands, garland them and pray for his long life. Also the husbands give a token of love (a gift) to their wives for their care, love and affection. There is a custom to invite newly married daughters with their husbands to feast and are presented with gifts and sweets.
Padwa--The day following 'Amavasya', which is the fourth day of the Diwali celebrations is the day when King Bali came out of the 'Patal lok'. Also this is the day when he started ruling the 'Bhoo lok', which was given to him as a boon by Lord Vishnu.

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Dharm & Darshan !! { 420 } Deepawali : Lakshmi-Ganesh Pooja !!

Once upon a time Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakhmi were having conversation in heaven and Goddess Lakshmi was praising herself and telling Lord Vishnu that she is the most worship worthy in the world and by her grace, a  person can get all the pleasures of this world and becomes happiest  person. By hearing the self praising by Goddess Laksmi, Lord Vishnu said  to her for reducing her ego, “You are having all the qualities, still  you did not feel the joy of motherhood till now and for a lady, the  motherhood joy is the most important thing in this universe.” The  comment from Lord Vishnu made Goddess Lakhmi become disappointed and in  this pain she went to her friend Goddess Parvati. After listing the  problem of Goddess Lakhmi, Parvati asked her, “How can I help you?”  Goddess Lakshmi said, “You are having two sons and if you could give me  your one son you will still have one son and I could get the grace of  motherhood. So, in this situation you can help me out.”
By listing her Goddess Parvati said to her, “I'm having two sons Kartikeya and Ganesha. Kartikeya is having six mouths (Faces) and because of this he needs to  eat all the time. My second son Ganesha is very naughty, I need to keep a keen eye on him, And you cannot stay at  one place for a long, so tell me how can you take care of my sons?
By hearing this Goddess Lakshmi said to her, “I'll keep your sons close  to my heart and will shower my all love on them either Kartikeya or  Ganesha. I can take care both of them. All the servants of heaven will  serve them day and night so please give me one of them as my adopted  child.”
Maa Parvati knew her both the sons very well so she  gave Lord Ganesha to Goddess Lakhmi as her adopted son. Goddess Lakshmi  became very happy and said to Goddess Parvati, “From today onwards I'm  giving my all accomplishments, luxury and prosperity to my son Ganesha.  Also, Riddhi and Siddhi Lord Brahma’s daughters are alike my daughters  will be married soon for which I give my word to you. I will fulfill all  the desires of Ganesha. In all the three loks, Whenever my worship will be performed, Lord Ganesha’a worship will be a must. Who will not worship Shri Ganesha along with me, he cannot get Shree . By listening this Maa Parvati became very happy and handed  over her son Ganesh to Laxmi Ji.
The festival of lights is the main reasons of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi. The lights mean the celebration of diwali. The shining  determine the values and respect to goddess Lakshmi. Every person worships goddess Lakshmi as the goddess of wealth to become wealthy and prosperous.

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Dharm & Darshan !! { 419 }

Nark Chaturdashi !!

Narkasur was the son of Bhumi Devi who ensured her son's long lifethrough a boon from Lord Vishnu.He got immence power from  blessing given by Lord Bramha after hard pryers,With this boon and help of another demon named Banasur,he became more evil.He became md with power,he was targeting Lord Indra's Kingdom,Indra could not face him and ran away,Thus he became the King of Earth and Swarg,He stole earrings of Aditi,Heaven's mother Goddess,and kidnapped 16000 women.Aditi and Lord Indra asked help from Lord Vishnu.Vishnu wanted to help them but,the boon given to him.Bhumi Devi ensured him that he would die only at the hands of mother Bhumi Devi.
In the incarnation of Lord Krishna,his wife Satybhama was incarnation of Bhumi Devi.As promised Aditi and Lord Indra,Krishna attacked fort of Narkasur.The battle was fought furiously,Narkasur possessed  11 Akshauhini army.In the fight Lord Krishna fell un conscious by Narkasur's arrow.Satyabhama took the arrow at Narkasur ,killed him immediately.Later Lord Krishna reminds her of the boon as Bhumi Devi.Bhumi Devi mother of demon declared that his death should not be a day of grief but an occasion to celebrate.It is said Lord Krishna had an oil bath to rid himself off the blood spots on his body when Narkasur was killed.Before dying Narkasur requested a boon that his death anniversary should be celebrated by all people on Earth,as Nark Chaturdashi or Roop Chaudas. 

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Dharm & Darshan !! [ 418 ]

Dhan Teras !!
Dhanvantari is worshipped on the occasion of Dhanvantari Trayodashi. Dhanvantari is considered to be the teacher of all physicians and the originator of Ayurveda.An ancient legend the occasion to an interesting story about the 16-year-old son of King Hima. His horoscope predicted his death by snake-bite on the fourth day of his marriage. On that particular day, his newly-wed wife did not allow him to sleep. She laid out all her ornaments and lots of gold and silver coins in a heap at the entrance of the sleeping chamber and lit lamps all over the place. Then she narrated stories and sang songs to keep her husband from falling asleep. The next day, when Yama, the god of Death arrived as a Serpent, his eyes were dazzled and blinded by the brilliance of the lamps and the jewellery. Yama could not enter the Prince's chamber, so he climbed on top of the heap of gold coins and sat there the entire night listening to the stories and songs. In the morning, he silently went away. Thus, the young prince was saved from the death by the cleverness of his new bride, and the day came to be celebrated as Dhanteras.[4] The following day came to be called Naraka Chaturdashi ('Naraka' means hell and Chaturdashi means 14th). It is also known as ‘Yamadeepdaan’ as the ladies of the house light earthen lamps or ‘deep’ and these are kept burning throughout the night glorifying Yama, the God of Death. Since this is the night before Diwali, it is also called 'Chhoti Diwali'
According to another popular legend, when the Gods and demons churned the ocean for Amrita . Dhanvantari (the physician of the Gods and an incarnation of Vishnu) emerged carrying a jar of the elixir on the day of Dhanteras.

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A Poem By : Bal Kavi Bairagi !!

*बालकवि बैरागी की एक कविता*

युग बीते संवाद नहीं है ।
कब बोले कुछ याद नहीं है ।।

सपने सबके अलग अलग हैं ।
सपनों के अनुवाद नहीं हैं ।।

सूरज से पहले उठ जाना ।
मुर्गे का अपराध नहीं है ।।

जब से घर का चूल्हा बदला।
पहले जैसा स्वाद नहीं है ।।

अंधा सूरज अम्बर  नापे।
तिल भर कहीं विवाद नहीं है ।।

सातों सुर खामोश पड़े हैं ।
कोई भी नौशाद नहीं है ।।

खुद की जो भी करे आरती।
मिलता उसे प्रसाद नहीं है ।।

दीवाली की हो गई होली ।
शेष बचा प्रहलाद नहीं है ।।

मिट्टी जिसका तन मन धन हो
उसे कहीं अवसाद नहीं है ।।

जाने को ही आये हम सब।
कोई भी अपवाद नहीं है ।।

तुम अनादि हो तुम अनंत हो ।
यह कोई उन्माद नहीं है ।।

कोई भी इस कोलाहल में ।
सुनता अनहदनाद नहीं है ।।

आज राम का स्वागत करने ।
शबरी और निषाद नहीं हैं  ।।

Dharm & Darshan !! 417

Maharashtrians typically begin their Diwali a day before Dhanteras by worshipping the cow and calf. The story associated with this practice is that of Prithu. According to one version, Prithu was the son of Vena, an evil king who ignored Vedic rituals. Due to his excesses, a famine befell his kingdom. The sages killed the king and churned his body out of which appeared a dwarf hunter (who symbolised his sins) and then emerged Prithu.
To end the famine, Prithu chased earth, which began to flee from him in the form of a cow. On being cornered, she pointed out that killing her would also mean the end of his subjects. Prithu then reasoned with her and the cow agreed to yield her milk. Since he gave earth her life, she took his name -- Prithvi.
Another version of the story credits Prithu with the invention of agriculture and flattening the earth's rocky surface. The worshipping of the cow and the calf is symbolic of the prosperity that Prithu brought to earth.