Monday, June 19, 2017

Grandma's Stories---1002--Edwin Wiggle Worm !!

Those were rainy days. Edwin came out from the earth.He was a Wiggle Worm.He was quite long.He saw it was a very huge grassy ground.Greenery all over,because that big grass field was surrounded by many big green trees.Many birds were sitting there,but he saw they were sleeping.It was still dark and there was no Sun light.Alfie thought it is good for him and he should go far away from that place.Yesterday he had seen those crows and other birds were just pulling the grass and throwing that grass balls here and there.All the grass balls were laying all over that grass field.But why they are doing so,Suddenly he saw a Wiggle worm in one crow's beak,now it was understood,they were digging the ground and pulling out Wiggle worms and eating them,He hid himself quite deep.He could not sleep whole night,and now he is out.He decided to go away from that place.He started crawling slowly,steady but continuously.He knew his speed was very slow and it was a hard task for him to reach to a distant place.He was now crawling on a foot path.He saw people were running on the footpath across the road,means men can come running this side too.He crawled towards the side bushes.Some dry leaves were laying there and he was safe there beneath them.He decided to stay safe there.He was relaxed.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shayar Ki Kalam Se !!

खुदा की मोहब्बत को फनाह कौन करेगा 
सभी बन्दे नेक हों तो गुनाह कौन करेगा 
ऐ खुदा मेरे दोस्तों को सलामत रखना 
वरना  मेरी सलामती की दुआ कौन करेगा 
और रखना मेरे दुश्मनों को भी महफूज़ 
वरना मेरी तेरे पास आने की दुआ कौन करेगा !!

थोड़ी सी तल्खी भी तबियत में बहुत लाज़मी है 
लोग पी जाते जो समंदर ना खारा होता !!

Grandma's Stories--1001--Peter Pirate !!

It was a stormy day. Young Fisherman Sydney was coming back from the fish market,after selling the fishes.He earned quite good amount of money.Suddenly the sea storm began and the boat started shaking badly.He could hardly control his boat.After ten minutes the storm stopped but  he had lost the way and was searching his compass but he didn't bring it ,in fact he left it at home in the lunchbox bag.This morning he was in hurry and so forgot the bag at home.Suddenly he found one bigger boat appeared near his boat,he looked for help,he saw a middle age man took him at gunpoint and asked him hands up and to move.Sydney followed his commands and went near him.He was definitely Peter Pirate,Sydney heard about him but never met him.He snatched Sydney's money.Sydney handed over but requested him to drop him to his village,Peter agreed,he never met such a polite person.His village was on the way and quite distant,he got confirmed with the help of Compass.They were friendly now.Peter was looking worried,Sydney asked ," What happened ?"He said." My daughter is ill." Where is she ? " "She is inside the cabin " "Let us see her" Both of them went inside the cabin,A little girl of 12 years laying on the bed ,Pale face and lean and thin body,she was sleeping.Sydney said," A very talented man Felix living in my village He treats every type of illness,Why don't you try him" He immediately said "Oh Sure" He was looking satisfied and optimistic" Boat arrived late at night to the village.Sydney took him to Felix's house,He introduced Peter as his friend and requested to treat his daughter,Felix went to the boat with both of them ,he examined her,gave some medicines made by herbs ,he asked Peter to stay there for that night as he wnts to see the result.He agreed.Sydney arranged dinner for Peter.Next morning when Sydney went to his boat with Felix,Peter hugged him and Thanked Felix,He said,"She is feeling good and recovering,Thank You ! Thank You very much."He silently returned the money to Sydney"He said," I promise I will never snatch money from others.I feel,It was all because -----"He didn't complete the sentence.He went back with his daughter.No body heard about Peter Pirate after that day.  

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Grandma's Stories---1000---Wendy Witch !!

Ann found herself in a dense forest.She was walking and walking but could not find way to go back home.She was lost in that forest.Suddenly she saw a hut ,a lantern was hanging there,in that light she could see.She went nearer and saw somebody was sitting in the chair wearing black clothes and a big black hat.She turned around,her face was scary,a big scar mark was there on her left cheek.She was wearing round glasses.Ann got scared,but she said,"I lost my way to home could you please help me ? She said I am Wendy Witch "Why not,Come on I will take you to your house."She quickly picked up a long broom,asked Ann to put her legs both sides,and then she herself did the same.She was chanting some words suddenly with a jerk the broom flew up and up in the sky.Witch Wendy was laughing loudly and asking Ann," Are you enjoying ?"Yes" replied Ann.She saw Grandma's house,She shouted"That's my Grandma's house,let us go down.The Broom started coming down with great speed,and stopped with a jerk" Ann opened her eyes,She was in her bed.She Smiled.It was a dream.She will never forget.
Ann had been to her Grandma's house for spending her winter vacations
.She loves to be there as She has got many friends around in the neighbourhood and spending holidays used to be a big fun for her. Morning till evening full day fun all day long.Here to there and there to here.Every day was new and used to bring a new experiment.All the big people were also busy with children.Calling them and offering breakfast,lunch evening tea or dinner,was turn wise perfectly managed by them.
 Aunt Candy used to tell them different stories.They all loved to listen her stories.Ann came back home at eight thirty,and went to bed.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Dharm And Darshan --364 --Hindu Dharm !!

३३ करोड़ नहीं ३३ कोटि देवी देवता हैं हिन्दू धर्म में
कोटि = प्रकार
देव भाषा संस्कृत में कोटि के दो अर्थ होते हैं --प्रकार और करोड़
कुल ३३ प्रकार के देवी देवता हैं ----१२ प्रकार हैं ----आदित्य ,धता,मित ,आर्यमा ,शक्रा ,वरुण ,अँश ,भाग ,विवा स्वान ,पूष ,सविता ,तावस्था ,और विष्णु
८ प्रकार हैं --वासु ,धर ,ध्रुव ,सोम,अह ,अनिल, अनल प्रत्युष ,और प्रभाष
११ प्रकार हैं ---हर ,बहुरूप, त्र्यम्बक ,अपराजिता,वृषाकापि ,शम्भू,कपार्दी,रेवात ,मृगव्याध,शर्वा,और कपाली एवं दो प्रकार हैं -- अश्विनी और  कुमार
कुल १२+८+११+२+=३३
दो पक्ष --कृष्ण पक्ष ,शुक्ल पक्ष
तीन ऋण --देव ऋण ,पितृ ऋण ,ऋषि ऋण
चार युग ---सतयुग ,त्रेता युग ,द्वापर युग ,कलियुग
चार धाम ---द्वारिका ,बदरीनाथ ,जगन्नाथपुरी ,रामेश्वरधाम
चार पीठ ---शारदा पीठ {द्वारिका},ज्योतिष पीठ {जोशीमठ बद्रीनाथ }गोवर्धन पीठ {जगन्नाथपुरी ,श्रृंगेरी पीठ
चार वेद ---ऋग्वेद ,अथर्ववेद ,यजुर्वेद ,सामवेद
चार आश्रम ---ब्रम्हचर्य ,गृहस्थ,वानप्रस्थ,सन्यास
चार अंतःकरण ---मन,बुद्धि ,चित्त,अहंकार
पञ्च गव्य ---गाय का घी ,दूध,दही,गोमूत्र,गोबर
पञ्च देव ---गणेश,विष्णु, शिव,देवी,सूर्य
पञ्च तत्व--पृथ्वी ,जल ,अग्नि,वायु,आकाश
छह दर्शन ---वैशेषिक ,न्याय ,सांख्य, योग,पूर्व मिमांसा ,दक्षिण मिमांसा  
सप्त ऋषि ---विश्वामित्र,जमदग्नि ,भरद्वाज,गौतम,अत्रि,वशिष्ठ और कश्यप
सप्तपुरी ---------
अयोध्यापुरी,मथुरापुरी,मायापुरी {हरिद्वार},काशी ,कांची {शिन कांची - विष्णु कांची}
अवंतिका ,और द्वारिकापुरी
आठ योग----यम,नियम,आसन,,प्राणायाम ,प्रत्याहार,धारणा,ध्यान,एवं समाधि
आठ लक्ष्मी---आग्घ ,विद्या,सौभाग्य,अमृत,काम,सत्य,भोग एवं योगलक्ष्मी
नवदुर्गा ---शैलपुत्री,ब्रम्ह्चारिणी, चंद्रघंटा,कुष्मांडा,स्कंदमाता,कात्यायिनी ,कालरात्रि,महागौरी,एवं सिद्धिदात्री
दस दिशाएं---पूर्व,पश्चिम,उत्तर,दक्षिण,ईशान ,नैत्रत्य ,वायव्य ,अग्नि ,आकाश,एवं,पाताल
११ अवतार --मत्स्य,कच्छप,वराह,नरसिंह ,वामन,परशुराम,श्री राम, कृष्ण ,बलराम,बुद्ध ,एवं कल्कि
१२ मॉस--चैत्र,वैशाख,ज्येष्ठ,आषाढ़,श्रावण,भाद्रपद,अश्विन,कार्तिक,मार्गशीर्ष,पौष,फाल्गुन
१२ राशि--मेष,वृषभ,मिथुन,कर्क,सिंह कन्या ,तुला,वृश्चिक,धनु,मकर,कुम्भ,कन्या
१२ ज्योतिर्लिंग--सोमनाथ,मल्लिकार्जुन,महाकाल,ओमकारेश्वर,बैजनाथ ,रामेश्वरम,विश्वनाथ ,त्र्यंबकेश्वर,,केदारनाथ,घुश्मेश्वर ,भीमाशंकर,नागेश्वर
१५ तिथियां ---प्रतिपदा,द्वितीय,तृतीया,चतुर्थी,पंचमी,षष्ठी,सप्तमी,अष्टमी,नवमी,दशमी,एकादशी,द्वादशी,त्रयोदशी,चतुर्दशी,पूर्णिमा,अमावस्या
स्मृतियाँ --------------------
मनु,विष्णु,अत्रि,हरित,याज्ञवल्क ,,उशना ,अंगिरा,याम,आपस्तम्ब,सर्वत ,कात्यायन,बृहस्पति,पराशर,व्यास,शांख्य ,लिखित,दक्ष,शातातप ,  

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dharm And Daeshan !! 363 ! Geeta Se !!

गीता किसको किसने सुनाई -- १. श्री कृष्ण ने अर्जुन को
२. कब सुनाई --आज से सात हजार साल पहले
३. किस दिन सुनाई ---रविवार के दिन
४. कौनसी तिथि को ---एकादशी को
५. कहाँ सुनाई ---कुरुक्षेत्र की रणभूमि में
६. कितनी देर में सुनाई ---लगभग ४५ मिनट में
७. क्यों सुनाई --कर्तव्य से भटके अर्जुन को कर्तव्य सीखने के और आने वाली पीढ़ियों को धर्म ज्ञान देने के लिए
८. कितने अध्याय हैं --- अठारह अध्याय
९. कितने श्लोक हैं --७०० श्लोक
१०. गीता में क्या क्या सिखाया गया --- गतां भक्ति कर्म योग मार्गों की विस्तृत व्याख्या की गई है इन मार्गों पर चलने से व्यक्ति निश्चित ही परमपद का अधिकारी बन जाता है
११. गीता को अर्जुन के अलावा किन किन लोगों ने सुना -- धृतराष्ट्र और संजय ने
१२  अर्जुन से पहले गीता का पा वन ज्ञान किसे मिला --भगवान् सूर्यदेव को
१३. गीता की गिनती किन धर्म ग्रंथों में आती है --उपनिषदों में
१४. गीता किस महा ग्रन्थ का भाग है ---गीता महाभारत के एक अध्याय शांति पर्व का एक हिस्सा है
१५. गीता का दूसरा नाम क्या है --गीतोपनिषद
१६. गीता का सार क्या है --प्रभु श्रीकृष्ण की शरण लेना
गीता में किसने कितने श्लोक कहे हैं --श्री कृष्ण ने ५७४
                                                         अर्जुन ने ८५
                                                    धृतराष्ट्र ने १
                                                संजय ने --४० 

Dharm And Darshan !! 362 { Kaurav Pandav }

कौरव - पांडव ---

युधिष्ठिर ,भीम ,अर्जुन ,नकुल ,सहदेव
कर्ण-- कुन्तीपुत्र थे किन्तु पांडवों में नहीं गिने जाते थे
उपरोक्त पांडवों में --युधिष्ठिर,भीम और अर्जुन कुंती के पुत्र तथा नौल सहदेव माद्री के पुत्र थे
धृतराष्ट्र और गांधारी के १०० पुत्र निम्न लिखित थे---
. दुर्योधन . दुःशासन .दुःसह दुःशल .जलसंघ सम सह विंद . अनुविन्द १०.दुर्घर्ष ११.सुबाहु १२.दुष्प्रधर्षंण १३.दुर्मर्षण १४.दुर्मुख १५.दुष्करण १६। विकर्ण १७. शल १८सत्वान १९.सुलोचन २०.चित्र २१. उपचित्र २२. चित्राक्ष २३. चारुचित्र २४.शरासन २५. दुर्मद २६.दुर्विगाह २७.विवित्सु २८. विकटानंद २९.उर्णन्नाभ ३०.सुणाभ ३१.नन्द ३२.उपनन्द ३३.चित्र बाण ३४. चित्रवर्मा ३५ सुवर्मा ३६.दुर्विमोचन ३७. आयोबहु ३८. महाबाहु ३९.चित्रांग ४०.चित्रकुंडल ४१.भीमवेग ४२.भीमबल ४३.बलाकी ४४ बलवर्धन ४५।  उग्रायुध ४६. सुषेण ४७. कुण्डधर ४८. महोदर ४९. चित्रायुध ५०. निषंगि ५१. पाशी ५२.वृन्दारक ५३. दृढ़वर्मा ५४. दृढ क्षत्र ५५.सोमकीर्ति.५६.अनुदर ५७.दृढ़संघ ५८. जरासंघ ५९. सत्यसंघ ६०. सदसुवाक ६१. उग्रश्रया ६२. उग्रसेन ६३. सेनानी ६४. दुष्परजाय ६५. अपराजित ६६. कुण्डषाई ६७. विशालाक्ष ६८. दुराधर ६९ द्रढ़हस्त ७०. सुहस्त ७१. वातवेग ७२. सुवर्च ७३. आदित्यकेतु ७४. बह्याशी ७५. नागदत्त ७६. उग्राशायी ७७. कवची ७८.क्रथन ७९.कुण्डी ८०. भीमविकृ ८१. धनुर्धर ८२.वीरबाहु ८३. अलोलुप ८४. अभय ८५. दृढ़कर्मा ८६. दृढ दा श्रय ८७. अनादृश्य ८८ कुण्डभेदी ८९ विरवी ९०. चित्रकुंडल ९१. प्रथम ९२. आमा प्रमाथि ९३. दीर्घ रोमा ९४ सुवीर्यवान ९५ दीर्घबाहु ९६. सुजात ९७. कनकध्वज ९८. कुंडाशी ९९. विरज १००. युयुत्सु

इन सौ भाइयों की एक बहन भी थी जिसका नाम दुशाला था और जयद्रथ से जिसका विवाह हुआ था