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Grandma's Stories---1099--Detective Dora !! { 116 }

Kamata Prasad was living in his Father-in-law's house.His wife's name was Sunita Prasad,His Father-in-law Durgesh Tiwari was owner of a Photographer Shop.His Son Sunil Tiwari was helping him in that shop.Kamta Prasad was also a photographer but he was not allowed to go and sit and run that photographer,as his relations were not good with his father-in-law and brother-in-law.Durgesh Tiwari knew that his daughter Sunita was a very simple girl and was trapped by Kamata Prasad and then forcefully started living in their house.
He was not giving any money as his share in the total house expenses,that way he was a burden for Durgesh Tiwari.
Yes ! Kamata Prasad intentionally trapped Sunita as he wanted his entry in that Photographer's shop.This shop was in a crowded area of  that road and so its name and fame attracted him and he wanted to grab the shop.He got married six months started living in In-law's house but he was still kept away from the shop.
One day police received a phone call from unknown person complaining that Durgesh Tiwari is selling Porn videos and  there was a police raid at his shop,recovered many porn videos
Durgesh Tiwari And Sunil Tiwari were arrested the shop was sealed.During interrogation they described about Kamata Prasad and blamed him.Dora was listening them.She found truthin their statements  and decided to investigate.
She was a foreigner and called Kamata Prasad in her original accent,She said ," Mr.Kamataprasad I got your number from one of my friend just returned back from India I am staying in Hotel " Natraj" I want to watch porn Videos,Could you Pleasinge provide them ? Ya ! Ya ! Sure ! I will bring them in the evening "
Rohan was now following him with Five Policemen wearing civil dress.Kamata Prasad reached to a place and rang the bell,One fat man opened the door,they smiled and wished each other just then Police Party caught them.They searched and found lots of porn videos,which was against the law of nation.They were arrested and brought to the police station.
Kamata Prasad accepted that he had kept those videos in his Father-in-law's shop.He had stolen shop's key and made a duplicate key to open the shop in the midnight and hide the videos.Father and son were freed and criminal case was filed against the complete gang including Kamata Prasad.

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Grandma's Stories---1099--Detective Dora !! { { 116 }

A Luxurious car stopped in front of the biggest Jewellery shop of the town a beautiful,smart,fair and looking royal lady got down from it.Every one was looking her including Seth Dhaniram Zaveri.The lady opened the shop's door and came in.Dhaniram welcomed her.She was smiling,she asked to show luxurious diamond sets.She started seeing and selecting,she selected about twenty sets worth huge amount,she then took out her cheque book from her bag,the owner said ," No,Mam I would like to take cash " Oh ! But I don't have that much cash here,If you don't mind Please send some one with me and I will give him the cash from my residence.Seth Dhaniram thought for a moment and then agreed.He sent his most Loyal Munim Deepankar with her.She went with all the Jewellery sets along with Deepankar.After half-n-hour Dhaniram received a call from Deepankar,he was saying," The car stopped in front of a big bungalow,she went in,asked me to stay for five minutes,but she has not returned back yet.What can I do ?Dhaniram got shocked.He said," Wait there,I am calling the police"He described everything to the Police station on phone and then personally reached there." Dora and Rohan were informed.They reached the so called Bungalow.
It was looking a luxurious bungalow.Dora asked questions to Dhaniram and Deepankar and asked them to describe in details. The minute things were asked and described.There was no guard outside.The Bungalow was isolated and no other houses were situated around.Dora Rohan and Police Party with Dhaniram and Deepankar reached inside,it was completely empty,no body was inside and there was no furniture.Dora inquired about the house from Urban housing department and came to know that it was a sold house and sold to the Govt. for a Sports club,and soon the renovation is going to start,the Owner who sold it not living in India.Now it was very tough to find that Lady.Dhaniram helped Police Artist to make the sketch of that lady,About more than one hundred photocopies were made.Dora started doing investigation through the Car's number but it was fake.Dora Rohan and every one in the Police Party then made alert to their informers,by giving one photocopy of that Sketch..Soon they got positive result,The lady was seen at the airport.Dora Rohan &Police Party reached there within ten minutes.Her luggage was checked and found all the diamond sets.She was arrested and Criminal case was filed against her.

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Dharm & Darshan !! ( 440 ) MARATHI

*'ळ' हे अक्षर असलेली जगातली एकमेव भाषा म्हणजे आपली मराठी...!!!*

*'ळ' अक्षर नसेल तर*

पळणार कसे
वळणार कसे
तंबाखू मळणार कसे
दुसर्‍यावर जळणार कसे
भजी तळणार कशी
सौंदर्यावर भाळणार कसे

पोरं-टोरं तळयात-मळ्यात खेळणार कशी

तीळगूळ कसा खाणार ?
टाळे कसे लावणार ?
बाळाला वाळे कसे घालणार
खुळखुळा कसा देणार
घड्याळ नाही तर
सकाळी डोळे कसे उघडणार ?
घड्याळ बंद पडले तर पळ कोण मोजणार
वेळ पाळणार कशी ?
मने जुळणार कशी ?
खिळे कोण ठोकणार ?

तळे भरणार कसे ?
नदी सागरला मिळणार कशी ?
मनातली जखम भळाभळा वाहणार कशी
हिवाळा,उन्हाळा, पावसाळा
नाही उन्हाच्या झळा
नाही त्या निळ्या आभाळातून पागोळ्या खळाखळा !

कळी कशी खुलणार ?
गालाला खळी कशी पडणार ?
फळा, शाळा मैत्रिणींच्या
गळ्यात गळा
सगळे सारखे, कोण निराळा?

दिवाळी, होळी सणाचे काय ?
ओवाळणी पण नाही ?

तुम्ही काय चिंचपोकळीला रहाता ?

भोळा सांब ,
सावळा श्याम
जपमाळ नसेल तर
कुठून रामनाम ?

मातीची ढेकळे नांगरणार कोण?
ढवळे पवळे बैल जोततील कोण?
पन्हाळ्याची थंड हवा खाणार कोण ?

निळे आकाश,
पिवळा चाफा
माळ्याच्या कष्टाने फळा फुलांनी बहरलेला मळा !

नारळ, केळ, जांभूळ, आवळा,

नवर्‍याला बावळट बोलणार कसे

काळा कावळा,
पांढरा बगळा

ओवळ्या बकुळीचा गजरा माळावा कसा

अळी मिळी गुपचिळी,
बसेल कशी दांतखिळी?

नाही भेळ,
नाही मिसळ
नाही जळजळ
नाही मळमळ
नाही तारुण्याची सळसळ

पोळ्या लाटल्या जाणार नाहीत
टाळ्या आता वाजणार नाहीत !
जुळी तीळी होणार नाहीत !
बाळंतविडे बनणार नाहीत !
तळमळ कळकळ वाटणार नाही !
काळजी कसलीच उरणार नाही !

पाठबळ कुणाचे मिळणार नाही
सगळेच बळ निघून जाईल,

काळ आला होता पण वेळ आली नव्हती

*पण काहीच कळेनासे होईल 'ळ' शिवाय !*

Grandma's Stories--1098--Detective Dora !! { 115 }

Train was moving fast.Sheena Dubey and her Parents Mr. Deepak and Mrs.Shikha Dubey were going in that train.Sheena's feonsay,Caption Arjun Pandey was also going with them to their home town for marriage.It was a pleasant journey for both of them,but one can never no what would happen next.Some dacoits were also in that train with a perfect plan of robbery.One young Birju was their leader.T.C. already checked tickets of all and had gone.There is no possibility of some one to climb the train,it was 11.30 night.First Sheena went to use the washroom.Those Dacoits were standing there near both the gates,and in front of the washroom.When she came out Birju stopped her way.She pushed him hard and went to her berth.Birju was very angry.Then he saw Arjun was coming they all knew that he was Sheena's feonsay,as they were hearing every ones talk.A crooked idea came in his mind.He locked him inside,and locked such a way he can't come easily.Then he pulled the chain.The train stopped after three to four minutes,meanwhile,he went to Sheena's berth,he closed her mouth by putting his palm on,and dragged her,he indicated gang's other four members to get down,It was a big grassy forest.They all vanished within five minutes in that jungle.
Arjun tried to come out from the washroom but failed.He tried hard and at last could break the knob and came out.When the Engine driver and other assistants came there they could know about the kidnapping.
Arjun Pandey jumped from the compartment and went running towards the side dacoits gone.He was an army man and was very brave too.Engine driver phoned to the nearest police station.Dora and Rohan were informed.Both of them and the Police party reached there within an hour.
The four dacoits were abusing Birju as he has destroyed the basic plan of robbery and unnecessarily created problems for them and put the gang in danger.
Arjun Pandey reached very near to the gang's camp,while he received Dora's phone,he had given the exact location of dacoits.Within half n hour they all reached there.They attacked to the gang as the dacoits were armed so they also need to do air fires.All dacoits surrendered.Sheena was rescued.Criminal case was filed against all Dacoits.After one and half hour's delay train went ahead. 

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Dharm & Darshan !! ( 439 )

One Day...Yamraja came to a Guy and said:

"Hey, today is your last day!"

Guy:  "But i'm not ready!".
:-) :-)
Yamraja said:  "Well today your name is the first on my list...".

Guy: "Okay, then why don't you take a seat and We will drink a COFFEE before we go?"

Yamraja: "All right..".

The Guy gave Yamraja some COFFEE  with sleeping pills in it.
Yamraja finished COFFEE and fell into a deep sleep!!!

The Guy took the list & removed his name from top of the list and put at the bottom of the list!

When Yamraja woke up he said to the Guy: "Because you have been so nice to me, now I will start my job  from the BOTTOM of the list.." !!!


Whatever is written in your Destiny ...
Will never change... no matter how much u try....
So, in Bhagwad geeta- Shri Krishna Says:




Dharm & Darshan !! ( 438 ) MARATHI DESHASTH !!

आम्ही "देशस्थ"......

"कोणत्याही गोष्टीत मोठा हात, घड्याळाच्या काट्या मागे न धावणं, गप्पा मारताना अगदी अमक्याच्या लग्नाच्या मेनुपासून ते मोदींच्या परदेश नीतीपर्यंत सगळ्या विषयांचा व्यवस्थित उहापोह, घरात आलेल्याचं नुसतं आग्रहानेच पोट भरणं" या सारख्या काही गोष्टी म्हणजे देशस्थ असण्याच्या "लिटमस टेस्ट" आहेत. यातली एकही गोष्ट खऱ्या देशस्थात कमी प्रमाणात वगैरे सापडणार नाही.
           वेळेच्या बाबतीत देशस्थांनी त्या घड्याळाला कधीही फारसं महत्त्वही दिलं नाही किंवा त्याला डोईजडही होऊ दिलं नाही. मुळात घड्याळ माणसासाठी असतं हे आम्ही अगदी पक्क डोक्यात ठेवलंय. त्यामुळे एखाद दिवशी काही कारणाने नाश्ता राहिलाच तर तो दुपारी बारा वाजता होऊन दुपारचं जेवण ३ लाही होऊ शकतं. तसंच समजा डिनर एखाद्या मल्टी cuisine रेस्टॉरंट मध्ये झाला, आईस्क्रीम वगैरे खाऊन अकरा साडे अकराला घरी आलात  आणि एखाद्याला जरी पोटात सुपारीएवढ्या साधं वरण भात, दही भातासाठी जागा असेल तर रात्री बारालाही देशस्थांच्या घरातून कुकरच्या शिट्ट्या ऐकू येऊ शकतात. मग अशा वेळी, "ही जेवणाची वेळ नाही किंवा ही काय स्वयंपाकाची वेळ आहे का" असले उद्गार अजिबात निघत नाहीत. एका साठी म्हणून भात लावलेला असतो पण थोडा, थोडा म्हणत अख्ख घर भात खाऊनच तृप्त होतं.
           एखादी गोष्ट करण्याच्या बाबतीत देशस्थांचा हात "मोठाच" असतो. विशेषतः स्वयंपाकाच्या बाबतीत. कोणाकडेही गेलं, अगदी देशस्थच नातेवाईक जरी असले तरी छोट्या छोट्या पातेल्यातल्या स्वयंपाकाकडे बघून जेवण जातच नाही. त्यामुळे घरातला आमचा स्वयंपाकही "भरपूर" म्हणावा तसाच असतो. देशस्थांच्यात खिचडी करताना त्याला "हंडा" लावणे म्हणतात ते काही उगाच नाही. राहता राहिला प्रश्न उरलेल्या अन्नाचा तर त्याच्या सुद्धा शेकडो पाककृती देशस्थांच्यात असतात. दूध भात, दही भात, फोडणीचा भात, पोळ्यांचा कुस्करा, दूध पोळी, यांसारखे पदार्थ हे शिळ्या भाताचे/पोळीचेच छान लागतात. याही उपर म्हणजे "शिळासप्तमी" हा एक छानसा सणही आमच्याकडे मोठ्या प्रमाणात होतो.
           इतरांच्या म्हणण्याप्रमाणे देशस्थांचा माणसांचा "पसारा" ही मोठा असतो. पण आमच्याकडे त्याला "गोतावळा" हाच शब्द वापरतात. अमक्याच्या तमक्याच्या मावशीचे मुलं वगैरे ही आमच्या चांगल्या संपर्कात असतात. अशांच्या कार्यात वगैरेही प्रत्येकाची उपस्थिती असतेच असते. कोणीही घरी आलं तरी त्याला न जेवता पाठवतील असं देशस्थांचं घर सापडणारच नाही. काळानुरूप जेवण वगैरे साठी वेळ नसेल तर आग्रह करून जेवणाईतकाच नाश्ता तरी नक्कीच होणार. आणि मग हे करत असताना भरमसाठ गप्पांच्या ओघात १० मिनिटांसाठी आलेला माणूस दोन तास कसा थांबतो ते त्यालाही कळत नाही. "माणसांना आपलसं करण्याचा मार्ग त्याच्या पोटातून जातो" हे सूत्र देशस्थ अगदी नेमाने पाळतात.
           देशस्थी सोहळ्यांविषयी या आधीच लिहिलंय. गौरी गणपती हा उत्सव तर अगदी एखाद्या लग्नकार्यासारखा साजरा होतो. मग त्याही वेळी घड्याळ, माणसांची संख्या, असली बंधने गळून पडलेली असतात. अनेक ठिकाणी गौरी पूजनाला ३०-३५ पदार्थ असतात. घरातला भिगिनी वर्ग हे माहेरवाशिणीचे लाड करताना अजिबात थकत नाहीत. आपण "तिचं" जितकं करू तितकंच ती आपलं करेल हाच भाव मनात असतो. आणि मग या सगळ्या घोळात २०-२५ लोकांची शेवटची पंगत ३ ला बसली तरी त्याचा बाऊ कोणीच करत नाही. नवरात्र, चंपाषष्ठी, शारदीय नवरात्रोत्सव, माघी गणेश जयंती, कुलदैवतेनुसार वर्षातले विविध कुळधर्म, या सारखे सण यथासांग आणि दणक्यात पार पडतात. कुठेही हात आखडता घेतला जात नाही हे विशेष.
            एवढा सगळा गोतावळा सांभाळायचा, सगळे सणही मोठ्याप्रमाणावर साजरे करायचे तर घाई, गडबडही होणारच. मुहूर्ताच्या क्षणापर्यंतही तयारी चालू असली तरी कधीही मुहूर्त चुकला असं होतं नाही. आणि म्हणूनच या सगळ्या घाईचं, पसाऱ्याचं कधीही वावगं वाटलंच नाही. प्रसिद्ध असलेल्या "देशस्थी घोळाचा" कधीच कमीपणा वाटला नाही. पुणे, नाशिक पासून नांदेड पर्यंत तर नागपूर पासून कोल्हापूर पर्यंत पसरलेला देश. मुबलक पाणी, धान्याची, फळांची प्रचंड विविधता, वेगवेगळं वातावरण, यांमुळे आपोआपच सुबत्ता वाढली. अन्न धान्याच्या पुरेपूर उपलब्धतेमुळे त्याचा वापर ही वाढला आणि म्हणूनच जमतील तितक्या माणसांना जेवायला घालून तृप्त करणं ही वृत्ती झाली. त्यामुळे मोजून, मापून हा प्रकारच फारसा माहिती नाही. आणि मग एवढं मॅनेज करायचं तर "घोळ" होऊच शकतो. पण माणसांप्रमाणे त्या "घोळालाही" आपलसं करून पुढे निघातो तो "देशस्थ".......

Proverbs !! S { 3 }

Seeing--Seeing is believing
Seek--Seek till you find and you will not lose your labour
You seek not water under cold ice
He that seeks trouble never misses
Sees--Who sees thee by day will not seek thee by night
Seldom--Seldom seen soon forgotten
Self--Self do self have
Self preservation is the first law of nature
Self made--Every man is architect of his own fortune
Self reliance--Where there is a will there is a way
Mind moves mountains
Sell--He will not sell his hen on a rainy day
You can not sell the cow and sup the milk
Send--He will never send you away with a sore heart
Send a fool to market and a fool he'll return
Sends--He that sends a feel expects one
September--September blow soft till fruit be in loft
Serpent--Whom a serpent has bitten a lizard alarms
Servant--A servant is known by master's absence
Servants should see all and say nothing
Serve Serve a greatman and you will know what sorrow is
Served--He that will be served must be patient 
Serves--He that serves GOD serves a good master.