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Grandma's Stories--1302--Detective Dora !! {256}

Srishti Shah and Vrishti Shah were two sisters. Srishti was elder sister and married to Subodh Patel a tall handsome smart man was a successful businessman owning a general store.His father-in law Yogesh Shah and Mother-in-law Sushila ben shah insisted him to live with them so he started living there.
Vrishti Shah was a college student.Yogesh Shah was a retired man and geting good pension,but  He loved discipline and used to spend accordingly,he never liked unnecessary expenses.He spent quite good amount on Srishti's marriage.Vrishti felt jealous when she asked her father for a costly smart phone but he denied.
Police received a phone call from Shah house that Subodh was badly hurt by someone.Someone stabbed on his head with brass bouquets holder.Police Party immediately reached there with ambulance and sent Subodh to the hospital.
Dora and Rohan also arrived and talked to Srishti and Vrishti and their parents.At first Yogesh Shah hesitated first then said," We don't know who did this ? but my younger daughter complained us that he was attracted towards her.Vrishti agreed with this statement.
Dora talked to Srishti in hospital.She was weeping she said ," My husband can never do this he always treated her as younger sister.She said " Vrishti was mad for a costly smart phone,first my father denied her to buy Smart Phone,then she asked Subodh to buy a smart phone for her but Subodh also denied as he didn't want to do any thing against my father,and then My sister provoked my parents against my husband.
Dora decided to keep watch on Vrishti. She saw every one of the family was in the hospital but she was not there.Dora rushed to Shah house.She saw Vrishti was coming out.Dora hid her self and then followed her.She reached market and entered in a Mobile shop,and after fifteen minutes came out happily with a shopping bag.Dora entered in the shop and asked the shop keeper about her.He said," The girl bought a luxurious smart phone worth 55 thousand,she didn't have any money she gave a diamond ring,he gave it to Dora.
Dora talked to Srishti she said ," Yes it is my husband's ring"
Police party went to Shah house they arrested Vrishti for hitting Subodh. 

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Grandma's Stories--1301--Detective Dora !! { 255}

Recently series of some incidents happened which alerted Police.Some Loot incidents happened and all the victims were ladies,and those ladies who just had lost their near and dear ones in accidents.There was no clue and the description given by the ladies didn't match to any body around.For Dora it was a challenge. 
She talked to the latest victim Mrs. Rubina Mahant.She lost her husband last week in an accident.She said," I received a phone call. A lady was calling she said "Do you want to talk to your late.husband ? I asked " Is it possible ? She said "Yes" If you want to talk to your late husband you will have to reach to one house wearing all your ornaments tomorrow at 12 afternoon " Where ?"  She asked me to reach to the bus stop.When I reached there A girl came near me and asked my name,she said "You will have to go by this rickshaw." The rickshaw driver didn't talk any thing he dropped her in front of an isolated house.
She went in,there she saw a SADHU long and thick hair covering his face.He askd Rubina to sit,gave a drink in bowl saying Its PRASAD,after drinking that she fell unconscious.When she came to senses she was laying by the road side.All her ornaments were gone.She was looted.
Dora thought how the SADHU knows the accidents victims.Rohan said " There only one department to get this information and there is only one person informed first about an accident." And who is he ? Dora asked."He is Kishan Pandey"Let's go and ask him.When they reached his office his younger sister was also standing there.Kishan could not tell who the person informs the SADHU about accident Victim's family and dear ones.
Dora asked about his sister,He said "She is my younger sister Mohini Pandey."She did not express any thing.Dora felt her suspicious.She decided to keep watch"Co-incidentally,Next week one more accident happened.An old man Sadashiv Rane who was crossing the road,lost his life.After his funeral his wife Geeta Rane receive the phone call.Next day Dora followed the Auto with Rohan and Police Party ,in which she was going.When she went in,they warned the culprit,He surrendered,but Oh ! It was Mohini in SADHU's getup .She was arrested,All the ornaments recovered.It was their old house.Her brother Kishan didn't know anything about it.A criminal case was filed against her. 

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Grandma's Stories--1300--Detective Dora !! {254}

Aarti Bhide was fed up with her husband Vishnu's drinking habit.He was a  drunkard.They had two children Vinay 9  years and Neeta 6 years. They were living in a chawl's first floor.Next door was Amitesh Desai and Veena Desai's room and on ground floor Amitesh's widow elder sister Devki living with her 15 years son Pawan. Aarti and Veena were enemies,they used to fight with each other on very small matters.Devki used to support Veena as she was her relative.Veena had no child and she was very sad.Pawan was loved by Amitesh and Veena.
Veena was bearing taunts of sterile woman for her ownself.
Aarti Bhide's 6 years daughter Neeta was suffering from asthma,and Diwali was near,Aarti knew that she won't bear smoke and air pollution created by crackers.Aarti wanted to buy  oxygen machine for her,but because Vishnu did not receive any Diwali Bonus and he was a drunkard so most of the money was spent on his alcohol.
Aarti saved some money and she decided to buy,so She asked Vishnu to take care of Neeta and she went to the market with Vinay.
Vishnu was completely drunk.When Aarti came back she couldn't find Neeta.She asked her husband but he said he didn't know. They all started shouting and blaming Veena desai.Somebody called the Police.Police party came there and noted the statements. Vishnu said," I was drunk and Neeta couldn't breathe,I scolded her and asked to keep shut,she started shouting loudly and I got angry,after that I don't remember what happened."
All the chawl members described the enmity od both families.
Police party arrested Amitesh and Veena.But they found them innocent.
Then where Neeta gone ? Dora saw Pawan was looking disturbed,he wanted to speak something but his mother Devaki was pinching his arm.Dora asked Pawan to come with her.Devaki said " Why ? He is not at all concerned with the matter "
Dora didn't reply,she took him and when they reached quite far from the crime scene she asked " Tell me the truth" He replied "When Aarti and Vinay went to the market,Neeta felt restless but her father didn't help her.She was shouting from the balcony.My mom went up and brought her downstairs.I don't where did she take her in rickshaw"
Dora came back and asked Police party to arrest Devki.Devki was scared she said," I kept her in my shop"Police party went with her.She opened the lock.Neeta was in very bad condition,sent to the hospital.Devki was properly arrested and criminal case was filed against her.
Dora asked " Why did you do this ?" Because I couldn't control my hatred" 

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Grandma's Stories--1299--Detective Dora !! { 253 }

Jeet Singh was a forest officer,living away from his family.His wife Sunita,16 years daughter Priya,12 years daughter Sushma and ,8 years son Sudeep were living in the town because of their education.Jeet Singh's age was about 50 years,in that Jungle's headquarter he was living with his friend and colleague Subhash Kashyap.Jeet Singh could only come home twice or thrice in one year.
Last evening he received a phone call from neighbour that all his family were found badly hurt the complaint was already lodged he should come soom.He immediately left for his town. When he reached there,all his family members were sent to the hospital for treatment.
Police asked many questions to Jeet Singh.He replied honestly.Dora showed her a small hammer and asked "Is it your's ?" He said ," I don't know because I used to stay here only for two or three days maximum one week in festivals."Dora said," This was used to hurt them all"
"Can you tell who are your regular visiters,friends or relatives ? " We don't have any relatives here.,My children have friends in their school"
Doctor came out and informed that Sunita has come to her senses and she is able to  give statement. Police Dora and Rohan went there. She said Kishan who is a bachelor asked money from her she denied and he got angry.He hit her with the hammer and then she didn't know what happened as she fell down and lost her senses."
Dora and Rohan looked each other it was not the fair and truth,both of them thought. First of all they decided to search Kishan.His room was locked.He was working as courier boy.They went to his office but he didn't come that day.Dora took his number but it was showing switched off.
Dora phoned her informers and sent his photo asked them to find him.
One of the informers told her that he is sitting on the platform. Dora asked him to keep an eye on him.Dora Rohan and the police party reached there and arrested him.He was brought to the police station and a hard interrogation was done.
What ever he described was shocking he said," For last many years Sunita is in relationship with him.She used to give  him money. He was in need of more money yesterday as he had to pay his debt,he asked money from Sunita,but she denied,she insulted him by saying " All the time asking money you Beggar ,he then couldn't control his anger,he hit her and then her children who rushed there hearing her scream.
A criminal case was filed against him.

Dharm & Darshan !! MARATHI (458)

*वयोवस्थाभिध शान्तिसमुच्चयः*

*शांतिक्रियेचा हेतू व महत्त्व.*

‘अमुक गृहस्थांची आज साठी शांत आहे’, ‘आम्ही काकांच्या अमृतमहोत्सवासाठी आलो होतो,’ ‘आजोबांचा सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शन सोहळा थाटात पार पडला’, अशी बोलणी आपण नेहमी ऐकतो पण नेमके साठीशांत, अमृतमहोत्सवानिमित्तचे  हवन, सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शनाच्या निमित्ताने केला जाणारा याग वगैरे काय प्रकार असतात, ते कशासाठी केले जातात हे ब-याचदा ठाऊक नसते. त्यानिमित्त नातेवाईकांचे, सुह्र्ज्जनांचे एकत्र येणेच आपण लक्षात घेतो पण हे सारे विधी वा सोहळे म्हणजे केवळ ‘ Get-together’  नव्हेत. त्यामागे भारतीय संस्कृतीचा मूळ हेतू वेगळाच आहे.

भारतीय संस्कृती माणसाचे आयुर्मान १०० वर्षांचे मानते ( म्हणूनच आशीर्वाद वा शुभेच्छा ‘जीवेत शरदः शतम् अशा असतात ) यापैकी ३० वर्षापर्यंतचा काळ उलटला की पुढची २० वर्षे असते ती प्रौढावस्था. या अवस्थेत माणूस आयुष्य स्थिर होण्यासाठी खूप धावपळ करतो. त्या धावपळीचे परिणाम हळूहळू जाणवायला लागून काही ना काही बारीकसारीक व्याधींना तोंड द्यावे  लागते. आयुष्य स्थिरावत असतानाच डोकवू लागणारे आजार मनात भविष्याबाबतच्या चिंता निर्माण करतात. अरिष्टांच्या चिंतेने मन व्यग्र होऊ लागते. अशा व्यग्र मनाला शांत करण्यासाठी आपल्या संस्कृतीने काही यज्ञकर्मे सांगितली. ती यज्ञकर्मे ही मनाच्या शांतीसाठी असल्यामुळे त्यांना ‘शांति’ असेच नाव मिळाले.

वयाच्या पन्नाशीपासून शंभरीपर्यंत दर ५ वर्षांनी ‘शांति’ शौनकादि ऋषींनी सांगितल्या आहेत. त्यांना ‘वैष्णवी, वारुणी, उग्ररथ, मृत्युंजय, महारथी, भैमरथी,ऐन्द्री, सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शन, रौद्री, कालस्वरूप-सौरी, त्र्यंबक मृत्युंजय, व महामृत्युंजय अशी विविध नावे आहेत. यापैकी उग्ररथ शांती म्हणजे साठीशांत भैमरथी म्हणजे सत्तरीसाठीची शांत. व सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शन ८० वे वर्ष लागले असता करावयाची शांत आणि महामृत्युंजय म्हणजे शंभराव्या वर्षी करायची शांत होय.

साठीच्या शांतीच्या वेळी सप्त चिरंजीवांना आवाहन करून त्यांच्याकडे आयुरारोग्य मागायचे असते. अमृत महोत्सवाच्या वेळी देवराज इंद्राकडे अरिष्ट निवारण व्हावे म्हणून प्रार्थना करायची असते.

सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शन शांतीच्या वेळची कल्पना अशी आहे की माणूस ७९ वर्षे पूर्ण करून ८० व्या वर्षात पदार्पण करत असताना तोपर्यंतच्या  आयुष्यात त्याने हजारवेळा चंद्रदर्शन घेतलेले असते. त्यावेळी शांतिक्रिया करून त्या पुढील आयुष्य निरामय होवो अशी प्रार्थना करायची असते. मात्र या शांतिच्या वेळेबाबत काही मतभेद आहेत. ८० व्या वर्षात पदार्पण करताना नव्हे तर ८० पूर्ण होऊन ८१ व्या वर्षात पदार्पणा नंतरही काही महिन्यांनी ही शांत करावी असे मत अनेकदा आग्रहपूर्वक मांडले जाते आणि त्याचे कारण दिले जाते की तोपर्यंत १००० वेळा चंद्रदर्शन पूर्ण होत नाही. यावर एक छान टिपण शौनक ऋषींच्या विवेचनाच्या आधारे ‘वयोवस्थाभिध शान्तिसमुच्चयः’ या पुस्तकात धर्मशास्त्रकोविद श्री. नारायणशास्त्री जोशी, आंजर्लेकर यांनी दिले आहे. दरवर्षी सुमारे १२ अशी ७९ वर्षांत ९४८ चंद्रदर्शने, ७९ वर्षांमध्ये अधिक महिन्यांची सुमारे  २८ चंद्रदर्शने आणि खग्रास चंद्रग्रहणानंतर पुन्हा नव्याने होणारे चंद्रदर्शन वेगळे असल्यामुळे ती २४ चंद्रदर्शने मिळून ९४८+२८+२४= अशी १००० चंद्रदर्शने होतात असे शौनकांनी ‘ध्रुवम्’ म्हणजे निःसंशयपणे सांगितले आहे. मग ८० वर्षे ८ महिन्यांनी जो सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शनविधी काहीवेळा केला जातो त्याचा आधार काय ? असा प्रश्न विचारला गेला तर म्हणून आंजर्लेकर शास्त्रींनी सांगितले आहे की ही जी गणना आढळते वा मानली जाते ती वैखानस गृह्यसूत्रानुसार आहे पण ती गणना ‘रविवर्षेण ’ म्हणजे सौरवर्षानुसार आहे हे जाणावे.

अर्थात असे मतभेद एखाद्या शांतिबाबत असले तरी ‘शांति ’ करावी याबाबत मतभेद नाही. या शांति कर्मात जी ६० ची, ७५ ची व ८० ची वा १०० वर्षाची व्यक्ती तिला तितक्या दिव्यांनी ओवाळणे ही आवश्यक क्रिया आहे. वाढत्या वयामुळे येणा-या अस्वस्थ मनस्थितीतून, निराशेतून बाहेर येण्यासाठी या ओवाळण्याच्या  विधीचा अतिशय उपयोग होतो. आशेचे किरण नव्याने मनात मांगल्य जागवतात. बाकी वेगवेगळ्या हविर्द्रव्यांनी ( कधी तूप तर कधी तीळ वगैरे ) वेगवेगळ्या देवतांसाठी आहुती द्यायची व त्यांच्याकडे वृद्धांसाठी आयुरारोग्य मागायचे ही भारतीय संस्कृतीतली कल्पना अन्य कोणत्याच संस्कृतीत अशा प्रकारे विधिवत् प्रत्यक्षात आणली जात नाही. या शांतिच्या निमित्ताने समाजातील विविध घटकांनाही अन्न,वस्त्र, व दक्षिणा इ. देऊन संतुष्ट केले जाते.

आज साठी, पंचाहत्तरी, असे कार्यक्रम उत्साहात साजरे केले जातात. पत व प्रतिष्ठेनुसार त्यांचे उत्सवी स्वरूप कमी अधिक भडक होत राहते पण या कार्यक्रमाची आपल्या संस्कृतीची जी मूळ संकल्पना ती अनेकांना ठाऊक नसते. ती माहित व्हावी, नव्या पिढीला आपल्या संस्कृतीतील एका मंगल परंपरेचा परिचय व्हावा यासाठीच हा सारा लेखप्रपंच!
*शांतीचा प्रकार आणि ती वयाच्या कितव्या वर्षी करतात ?*

*१. वैष्णवी शांती.*
 वय वर्षे : ५०
प्रमुख देवता : श्रीविष्णु
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस ( पायस म्हणजे आज्य म्हणजे तूप, चरु म्हणजे शिजवलेला भात आणि पायस म्हणजे पाणी न वापरता केवळ दुधात शिजवलेला भात (मूळस्थानी) )

*२. वारुणी शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ५५
प्रमुख देवता : वरुण
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस

*३. उग्ररथ शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ६०
प्रमुख देवता : मार्कंडेय
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु, दूर्वा आणि पायस

*४. मृत्युंजय महारथी शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ६५
प्रमुख देवता : मृत्युंजयमहारथ
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस

*५. भैमरथी शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ७०
प्रमुख देवता : भीमरथ मृत्युंजय रुद्र
हवनीय द्रव्य : घृताक्त तीळ (तुपात भिजवलेले तीळ )

*६. ऐंद्री शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ७५
प्रमुख देवता : इंद्रकौशिक
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस

*७. सहस्त्रचंद्रदर्शन शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ८०.
प्रमुख देवता : चंद्र
हवनीय द्रव्य : आज्य

*८. रौद्री शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ८५
प्रमुख देवता : रुद्र
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस

*९. सौरी शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ९०
प्रमुख देवता : कालस्वरूपसूर्य
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस

*१०. त्रैयंबक मृत्युंजय शांती.*
वय वर्षे : ९५
प्रमुख देवता : मृत्युंजयरुद्र
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस.

*११. महामृत्युंजय शांती.*
वय वर्षे : १००
प्रमुख देवता : महामृत्युंजय
हवनीय द्रव्य : समिधा, आज्य, चरु आणि पायस.

Friday, June 15, 2018

Grandma's Stories--1298--- Detective Dora !! {252}

Sarojini Sharma lodged a complaint that her husband Devesh Sharmadid not come back home yesterday as usual from his factory.He was working in a factory as senior worker.They had a seven year's old daughter named Pinki.
Police Party took his photo and Number,Number was switched off, Dora started searching him.Dora and Rohan also reached to that Factory and talked to the Manager,Supervisor and other labourers and came to know that he received a phone call just before the lunch break and he rushed out.No body knew who called and what was told to him from the other side.
After two days a badly hurt man brought in the hospital he was in coma ,there was no hope of his survival,His photographs were published in news papers,telecasted on TV but no response .Dora called Sarojini to show him.As soon as Sarojini saw the patient she started crying,she hugged the man, she was saying ,"Devesh ! You can't leave me,come back "Dora pulled her back and Police thought the case was solved.Dora was suspicious so she kept the watch continued on Sarojini.Sarojini requested for transfer to her boss.Soon she got transferred to another town. Dora thought Why ? Why was she interested in transfer ? 
Dora's informer told her that she was meeting a man on a Construction Site.
Dora asked the Police Party to follow her.They reached to that Construction Site.Police party caught the  person,he had wrapped up a turban on his head,He was Devesh Sharma,fit and fine.Police arrested both and brought to the Police station.
During interrogation every one got surprised to know that both of them planned for this.The person who was in Coma was injured by them.There were no similarities between Devesh and him.He was attacked by both in an isolated place,because they need a man been identified as Devesh.They had an insurance policy of a very big amount.
They were waiting for that person's end.
A criminal case was filed against both of them.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Dharm & Darshan !! {457 }

 अनजाने कर्म का फल

एक राजा ब्राह्मणों को लंगर में महल के आँगन में भोजन करा रहा था ।
राजा का रसोईया खुले आँगन में भोजन पका रहा था ।
उसी समय एक चील अपने पंजे में एक जिंदा साँप को लेकर राजा के महल के उपर से गुजरी ।
तब पँजों में दबे साँप ने अपनी आत्म-रक्षा में चील से बचने के लिए अपने फन से ज़हर निकाला ।
तब रसोईया जो लंगर ब्राह्मणो के लिए पका रहा था, उस लंगर में साँप के मुख से निकली जहर की कुछ बूँदें खाने में गिर गई ।
किसी को कुछ पता नहीं चला ।
फल-स्वरूप वह ब्राह्मण जो भोजन करने आये थे उन सब की जहरीला खाना खाते ही मौत हो गयी ।
अब जब राजा को सारे ब्राह्मणों की मृत्यु का पता चला तो ब्रह्म-हत्या होने से उसे बहुत दुख हुआ ।

ऐसे में अब ऊपर बैठे यमराज के लिए भी यह फैसला लेना मुश्किल हो गया कि इस पाप-कर्म का फल किसके खाते में जायेगा .... ???
(1) राजा .... जिसको पता ही नहीं था कि खाना जहरीला हो गया है ....
(2 ) रसोईया .... जिसको पता ही नहीं था कि खाना बनाते समय वह जहरीला हो गया है ....
(3) वह चील .... जो जहरीला साँप लिए राजा के उपर से गुजरी ....
(4) वह साँप .... जिसने अपनी आत्म-रक्षा में ज़हर निकाला ....

बहुत दिनों तक यह मामला यमराज की फाईल में अटका (Pending) रहा ....

फिर कुछ समय बाद कुछ ब्राह्मण राजा से मिलने उस राज्य मे आए और उन्होंने किसी महिला से महल का रास्ता पूछा ।
उस महिला ने महल का रास्ता तो बता दिया पर रास्ता बताने के साथ-साथ ब्राह्मणों से ये भी कह दिया कि "देखो भाई ....जरा ध्यान रखना .... वह राजा आप जैसे ब्राह्मणों को खाने में जहर देकर मार देता है ।"

बस जैसे ही उस महिला ने ये शब्द कहे, उसी समय यमराज ने फैसला (decision) ले लिया कि उन मृत ब्राह्मणों की मृत्यु के पाप का फल इस महिला के खाते में जाएगा और इसे उस पाप का फल भुगतना होगा ।

यमराज के दूतों ने पूछा - प्रभु ऐसा क्यों ??
जब कि उन मृत ब्राह्मणों की हत्या में उस महिला की कोई भूमिका (role) भी नहीं थी ।
तब यमराज ने कहा - कि भाई देखो, जब कोई व्यक्ति पाप करता हैं तब उसे बड़ा आनन्द मिलता हैं । पर उन मृत ब्राह्मणों की हत्या से ना तो राजा को आनंद मिला .... ना ही उस रसोइया को आनंद मिला .... ना ही उस साँप को आनंद मिला .... और ना ही उस चील को आनंद मिला ।
पर उस पाप-कर्म की घटना का बुराई करने के भाव से बखान कर उस महिला को जरूर आनन्द मिला । इसलिये राजा के उस अनजाने पाप-कर्म का फल अब इस महिला के खाते में जायेगा ।

बस इसी घटना के तहत आज तक जब भी कोई व्यक्ति जब किसी दूसरे के पाप-कर्म का बखान बुरे भाव से (बुराई) करता हैं तब उस व्यक्ति के पापों का हिस्सा उस बुराई करने वाले के खाते में भी डाल दिया जाता हैं ।

अक्सर हम जीवन में सोचते हैं कि हमने जीवन में ऐसा कोई पाप नहीं किया, फिर भी हमारे जीवन में इतना कष्ट क्यों आया .... ??

ये कष्ट और कहीं से नहीं, बल्कि लोगों की बुराई करने के कारण उनके पाप-कर्मो से आया होता हैं जो बुराई करते ही हमारे खाते में ट्रांसफर हो जाता हैं ....