Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Grandma's Stories--950--Detective Dora !! {24}

It was morning 10'O'Clock.Sam entered in the shop on time.He joined this Jewellery shop three months ago.The owner Mark was satisfied with his services.Mark was a very hard and disciplined.He was a very mistrustful & Freakish middle age unmarried man,but he appointed Sam when he brought a recommendation letter from another Jeweller Simpson's of the town,who had chain of shops in all big towns of the country.He didn't confirm it,by calling him.He just gave job.He didn't take any Identification proofs.Sam was very polite and gentle.His work was to clean the floor,the windows,and at lunch time he had to serve food to Mark on the table in the small room,behind the shop.There was a table,a chair,and a shelf was there in that room and one washroom was also attached to that room .There were two more sales men Mr.Tony and Mr. Levin in the shop.Their timings were also 10 to 5 evening,But they used to go for lunch at 1O'Clock and come back at 2 O'Clock.They were sincere workers,and employees there since a long time.Mark used to take payments and give receipts.All the Jewelleries were kept  locked in glass windows,and all the keys were kept safely in Mark's Pocket.The daily routine was completely understood by Sam.He knew how every Minute was spent.He saw Mark used to keep the keys on the shelf during Lunch. 
This Morning Mark brought some diamonds in a red velvet bag,he told Tony and Levin about it.For Sam it was a golden chance.He already had planned and reserved an air ticket.The flight's time was exactly 2.45 which was perfect to reach to the airport.
Tony and Levin left the shop at one for lunch.Mark went to the small room and asked Sam to serve food.Today ,Sam intentionally bought Sandwich and Soup.He put the Sandwich in the plate and started pouring soup in the bowl.He dropped half of the soup on Mark's Pants.He got angry and started scolding him,Sam was saying sorry again and again ,then Mark stood up and went to the washroom to clean it.It was the time Sam waited for,he quickly picked up keys,opened the treasure box,quickly took the Diamond bag,kept it in pocket and then locked the box,left the keys there,ran out of the shop,and reached airport.
When Mark came out of the washroom,Sam was not there,he called him twice,and then looked at the shelf.Keys were not there,he quickly came in the shop,Keys were laying near the treasure box,he opened it,the diamond bag was missing.He called the Police.
Police Chief arrived there in ten minutes with six policemen.Mark described in brief,and Chief sent all the policemen to different six Police stations with Sam's Photograph.It was in Mark's Phone.Mark clicked it once,and Sam did not know about it.
Police Chief then phoned Dora,told the story and sent sam's photo.He asked her to go and see him at the Only Airport of the town.Dora quickly drove towards the airport which was very near to her home.
She reached in ten minutes,parked the car,went inside.She was watching all faces in the lounge,but Sam was not found,She looked around ,all shops were crowded,suddenly she saw Sam,buying coffee,His Plane was announced late because of Fog.Dora phoned Police Chief to send some Policemen to arrest him.
Sam was arrested soon while he was throwing coffee cup in the bin.His eyes opened wide seeing so quick actions.Diamonds found in his pocket.He was brought to the Police Station.Mark was also there.Sam confessed his crime,and his recommendation letter was false.Police filed the case.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Grandma's Stories--949--Detective Dora !! { 23 }

Two little girls of ten Years Samantha  & twelve years Fiona were just standing in front of a Police Station.One Policeman Patric saw them. He went out and asked why they were there and what did they want.They said they want to tell some thing.Patric took them to Police Chief Stephen.Mr.Stephen asked," Why they are here and what do they want" Samantha said " My Dad Mr.Smith died in an accident six months ago,He was working as a bank officer" My Mom Mrs Smith and me now living with my Maternal Uncle Denis and his wife Hannah.Fiona is their daughter .My mom was perfectly alright when we reached there.But just after some weeks I don't know why but we are seeing her most of the time sleeping.Every after eight hours my aunt injects her one injection saying that she is not well.We think some thing is wrong behind all this.
Police Chief said don't worry,Give us your address.And tell us which time both of them are out of their house.Samantha said,My Uncle and Aunt works in a shop and so they are out 10 to 5 " O.K.Now you go home Dora will come to your home and find out the facts.{ Dora is a well known name and of course Ideal too} So girls became happy and went home.
Police Chief phoned Dora and described the case,he also gave her Samantha's address.
Next day at 11 Dora reached their home.It was Sunday so they were home.Dora went to Mrs.Smith's room.,She was sleeping,some injections were kept on the table.She noted its name.Then she found some legal papers in a drawer,her eyes opened wide.They were Mr.Smith's insurance papers of a very big amount.Nominee was Mrs.Smith But Photograph pasted as Mrs.Smith was Hannah's Photograph.Dora took the photographs and went.She then inquired about the injection from chemist shop.It was a Drowsy medicine's injection.
Dora came to know that Denis and Hannah already had applied for the insurance amount by submitting false papers.
She gave all the information to Police Chief.Two Policemen went with arrest warrant and arrested Denis and Hannah for doing Forgery and being cruel to Mrs.Smith.Police filed the case.Samantha and Fiona were happy.

Bandalbaaz !!

बंडलबाज ---

पानी फ्री ,बिजली फ्री ,
साथ में गन्दगी और मच्छर भी फ्री 
अब नया शगूफा एम सी डी चुनाव से पहले 
हाऊस टैक्स भी फ्री 
कौन सा अपनी जेब से देना है 
अपने बाप का क्या जाता है 
बस टोपी घुमानी है 
इस जेब से पैसा निकालना है 
उस जेब में डाल देना है 
क्या हम दिल्ली वाले बेवकूफ हैं 
हमेशा "एक पर एक फ्री " की स्कीम देखते हैं 
क्या हमें दिखाई नहीं देता 
या हमारी अक्ल पे पत्थर पड़े हैं 
पहले 'लोकपाल " "स्वराज"जाने क्या क्या,
 बोल के बेवकूफ बनाया,
अब उन वादों का नाम भी नहीं लेता 
इसकी बड़ी बड़ी बातों से 
हम सभी दिल्ली वाले बेवकूफ बन गए एक बार ,
लेकिन बस अब और नहीं 
आखिर आईने में अपनी शक्ल देखनी है 
और खुद को जवाब भी देना है 
एम,सी डी,में इस बार सभी नए चेहरे होंगे 
बी जे पी के कर्मठ लोग 
जो भ्रष्टाचारी नहीं होंगे 
जब दूसरे प्रान्तों के साफ़ सुथरे शहरो की 
चमक दमक दिखती है 
तो शर्मिंदा होती हूँ ,अपने शहर पे ,
वो शहर जो देश की राजधानी है 
कूड़े कचरे का ढेर ,बीमारियों का घर 
डेंगू मलेरिया के प्रकोप से जूझते लोग 
नलों से नालें सा बदबूदार आता पानी 
क्या मिला हमें "आप"को जिता के
जो जे एन यू के गद्दारों की सरपरस्ती करते हैं  
लोकसभा चुनाव से पहले 
मुझे याद है "मोदी जी " को कई चैनल्स 
"फेकू एक्सप्रेस"दिखा कर मजाक बनाया करते थे 
वो तो कर्मठ कर्मयोगी निकले 
जो देश को प्रति दिन प्रति पल आगे ले जा रहे हैं 
देश का नाम  विश्व के पटल पर 
गौरवान्वित कर रहे हैं 
असली का "फेकू एक्सप्रेस" कौन है 
बताने की ज़रुरत नहीं है 
बस 26 अप्रेल को वोट देने से पहले 
एक बार ज़रूर मुझे याद करना !!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Saanjha Manch !!

सांझा मंच ---

Whatsapp & Face Book 
Oh ! Comeon Just Have a Look 
कभी ना देखे हुए रिश्ते ,खोए हुए दोस्त 
Everybody is Here
देश राजनीति ,Hot Discussion 
Every Thing Is Here 
अद्धा कप चाय पी लो दी गुज़ारिश नहीं ,
एत्थे Birthday Celebration है 
Decoration है Cake तरह तरह दे 
Annirversary वी है 
ते ढेर सारी वदाईयां 
All Visits,{ C.P. to Anywhere in the World }
All Achievements दी 
Day to Day Sharing 
Who is Who's Crush 
Who Is in relationship 
& Break Ups 
Accidents and Hospitalisation 
Lost Phones And ----What Not 
Such A Beautiful Way Of Togetherness !!

Jeevan Chakr !!

जीवन चक्र -----

नया जन्म और ख़ुशी की बहारें 
ढोल और ताशे ,खील बताशे 
बढ़ता बचपन धांगड़ धींगा 
उछलकूद बेफिक्री के संग 
मस्ती करते मस्त मलंगा
युवावस्था महत्वाकांक्षा 
अंधी दौड़,ये पकड़ा और वो छोड़ा 
ऊपर  से गृहस्थी का झोलझमेला 
बढ़ती उम्र ,बढ़ता परिवार 
फिर से वही नई शुरुआत 
वृद्ध और वृद्धा ,लंबा साथ 
एक दूजे का थामे हाथ 
इक  दिन वो भी छूट जाए तो 
जीवनऔपचारिकता का नाम 
वस्तु,,व्यक्ति  और संपत्ति से 
निरंतर होता मोहभंग 
दिखाई पड़ता एक ही रंग 
तू नारायण ,मैं तेरा अंश !!

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Grandma's Stories--948--Detective Dora !! { 22 }

Diana was tortured by her step mother Clara. Diana's Father Mr.Stevens ,Who was quite old and Clara was young.She got married two months ago. He met her in a Party and got attracted towards her,She came even faster towards him, because She knew who he was ,and how big his property was.After Marriage, she was taking good care of Mr.Stevens.Diana was his only child from his late wife Nancy. Mr.Stevens loved her very much,though Clara showed her affection towards Diana in front of Mr.Stevens,but off and on her statements were strange and they hurt Diana.She understood that Clara doesn't want her here at home.Diana was sixteen and studying in high school.Diana was very soft heart soft spoken girl,she loved her Dad very much and cared for him always.But now all her works or duties were being done by Clara.
Even she couldn't get chance to talk to her Dad freely.All the time Clara was moving around him.One day suddenly a report lodged to the Police station that Diana is missing since morning.It was reported that she left for school at 8 in the morning but didn't reach there.Father came to know this in the evening when she didn't come back home.It was a high Profile case so,Police Chief immediately started actions.Dora was informed,she phoned Hilda and called her.
First step she took was quite important,She requested to talk to Mr.Stevens, alone.He was very sad and felt restless.Dora assured him to find his dearest daughter.She asked about her Phone,He said," Her phone is not responding"Dora took its number,and receipt,so that she could put that number to surveillance.
Then she talked to Clara and observed her hate behind facade affection.She talked to the butler and the gardener too.She took the address of cleaning lady and came out of the big house.Hilda was waiting with Police Chief.Dora conveyed everything she inquired.Police Chief decided to interrogate Butler and Gardner more,and put Diana's number to surveillance.
Dora and Hilda went to cleaning lady Liza's house.She talked in detail about Clara and Diana's relations.When they came out,Dora received a phone call from Telephone company.Both of them hurriedly drove there and came to know the location 100 miles away ,where the phone turned on.Two Policemen were also following them .It was a teen age boy,he said he found the phone at the bank of river.He was speaking truth.The main source of searching Diana was failed,but Dora thought Diana must be here,because,Clara's previous house was here according to Liza.
Dora didn't want to ask the address directly to Clara or Liza,so Dora and Hilda went to Council and got the address.Then they all went to the address they received.It was a five Storey building society flat,one among twenty at the ground floor.It was locked.No sound was coming out.Two more flats were locked,but one's door was opened.A gentle man was sitting there.Dora and Hilda asked him did he hear some sounds last night here.He said "Yes! It was midnight when he heard a scream but immediately stopped,so he thought it was his dream.
Police men broke the lock,Diana was tied to a chair.She was unconscious.They rescued her and carefully took her to Dora's car.Dora immediately called Police Chief,who was still at Mr.Steven's house.He arrested Clara,Mr.Steven was shocked to know everything.Clara admitted her crime.She kidnapped Diana with her boyfriend's help in the morning,and injected Drowsy injection.She did not plan for further action yet.Police filed the case. 

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Grandma's Stories--947---Detective Dora !! {21}

Dora was reading news paper and one news attracted.Police found a deaf and dumb about fifteen years girl outside the dockyard.She does not have identity proof,any ticket,passport,or any luggage .She is looking like a native of another country.She even does not know writing.Police wanted to know who she was and so her photograph was given to the newspaper for printing.Police was expecting someone who could recognize her.But Police did not receive any such call.Dora talked to the Police Chief and decided to meet the girl.
She went to the Police station.She met the girl.She was beautiful.
Dora took her for outing, first they went to the Zoo,then they watched a movie to a Pizza Parlor,She was happy but still looking scared of something.Next day Dora drove her to different areas of the town.Dora continuously watching her expressions.
Dora then took her to the Dockyard.She parked the car quite far away and asked her to get down.She was not ready,Dora again and again insisted her then she got down and started walking with Dora but hiding behind.She was looking very much scared.
A group of Dockworkers were loading luggage,seeing them,the girl turned around and started running towards the car.Dora also came back.She didn't ask any thing to her.
She came back to the Police station,and described everything to the Police chief.Police Party called all the workers to the Police Station,Dora asked the girl to peep from the keyhole and tell her does she know any body ? She saw all but denied by shaking her head.
Now Dora was confused,She asked them "Somebody is absent ? " Yes ! They said Charlie was not feeling well so he did not come."
Police Chief smiled ,asked two Police men to go and get him." 
Within half-n-hour they came back,The girl started trembling seeing him.Police chief asked other workers to go back,and then asked Charlie very hard,Dora brought the girl there,she started shouting and screaming. 
Charlie had to confess,he said," She belongs to Asian country.She is orphan.Her name is Zara,Charlie's One friend asked some money from him during his visit here and promised to return it back soon but did not return it,when Charlie forced him to give his money back,he sent her illegally by ship and then phoned him.He said she will work for you and she can't complain as she is deaf and dumb,she is orphan and was living in an orphanage so nobody will notice and report about her missing .Charlie had to receive her,but he himself was very much scared,and showed her annoyance,the girl ran out and found by the Police.Charlie was sent to Jail.
Police filed the case,it was now two countries matter.Police Chief permitted Zara to live with Dora.For the first time she smiled.