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Grandma's Stories--973--Love Story !! Napoleon - Josephine !!

The love story between Napoleon and Josephine is great. No body knows how Napoleon and Josephine met. Some believe that Napoleon met her at a ball .When Josephine heard of the kindness the young general showed to her son, she called  him to thank him in personally. 'Josephine was very attractive. Her beauty was not common , she had a grace.'What we do know for a fact is Napoleon's deep affection and love for Josephine from the very first day of their relationship. He wrote many letters to her from day one.,
They got married, Napoleon left on his Italian Campaign. He overwhelmed Josephine with letters and declarations of his love. 'I curse the glory and ambition" she used to read his letters aloud to her friends. Her own letters to him were cold and rare.  Napoleon was faithful to Josephine while on campaign he insisted her to come and see him in Italy. Josephine kept him waiting. Last thing she wanted was to leave Paris with its theatre, balls, shopping and, most importantly, a young and dashing soldiar Hippolyte Charles, with whom she had a very public affair. When she finally came  to Napoleon She brought Charles with her.
Napoleon finally found out about the affair in 1798 in Egypt. 'I have a great sorrow' Napoleon wrote to his brother Joseph. To add insult to injury, this letter was published in England. Napoleon was adamant in his desire to divorce Josephine as soon as he returned to Paris , He stopped writing to her when he found out about the affair. Only after Josephine betrayed him, Napoleon also had an affair  with Pauline Foures, a beautiful wife of one of the officers.
Napoleon forgave Josephine when he returned to Paris but their relationship was never the same. His passion for her cooled, while she developed a strong love and respect for her husband. Josephine would never be unfaithful again but Napoleon would have many affairs. He divorced Josephine in 1809 because she couldn't give him an heir and married an Austrian princess Marie Louise. He was very good to Josephine during the divorce, gifting her with residences and generous annual allowance, paying off her massive debts and allowing her to keep her Imperial title of Empress. They remained in touch until Josephine died in 1814.

Grandma's Stories--972--Love Story !! Cleopatra - Antony !!

Cleopatra was born in Egypt after Alexander’s death in 323 B.C.,She was renowned for her intellect than her 
appearance. She spoke more than a dozen languages 
and was educated in mathematics, philosophy, oratory and astronomy, and Egyptian sources later described her as a ruler “who elevated the ranks of scholars and enjoyed their company.Her first sibling-husband, Ptolemy XIII, ran her out of Egypt after she tried to take sole possession of the throne, created  a civil war. Cleopatra regained the upper hand by teaming with Julius Caesar, and Ptolemy drowned in the Nile River after being defeated in battle. Following the war, Cleopatra remarried to her younger brother Ptolemy XIV, but she murdered him. she also executed  her sister, Arsinoe, who she considered a rival to throne.
Cleopatra believed herself to be a living goddess. A famous example of her flair for the dramatic came in 48 B.C., when Julius Caesar arrived in Alexandria during her dispute with her brother Ptolemy XIII. Caesar was attracted towards young queen and the two soon became lovers Caesar didn’t hide that she was his mistress—she even came to the city with their love child, Cleopatra was forced to run  after Caesar was stabbed to death in the Roman senate in 44 B.C., but by then she had made her mark on the city. Her exotic hairstyle and pearl jewelry became a fashion trend, and according to the historian Joann Fletcher, “so many Roman women adopted the ‘Cleopatra look’Cleopatra first began her legendary love affair with the Roman general Mark Antony in 41 B.C. Their relationship had a political component—Cleopatra needed Antony to protect her crown and maintain Egypt’s independence, while Antony needed access to Egypt’s riches and resources—but they were also famously fond of each other’s company. According to ancient sources, they spent life of leisure in Egypt, and even formed their own drinking society engaged in nightly wine  feasts and  its members occasionally took part in games and contests. One of Antony and Cleopatra’s favorite activities wandering the streets of Alexandria and playing pranks on its residents.
Cleopatra married Mark Antony and had three children with him, but their relationship was a massive scandal in Rome. Antony’s rival Octavian used propaganda to portray him as a traitor, the Roman Senate declared war on Cleopatra. The conflict reached its climax the following year in a famous naval battle Cleopatra personally led several dozen Egyptian warships but they were no match for Octavian’s navy. Cleopatra and Antony were ran to Egypt.It is said that Antony got false news of Cleopatra's death. Shattered, he fell on his sword. When Cleopatra heard about Antony 's death, she was shocked. And she took her own life. The true love story of Antony andCleopatra is one of the most memorable,. The story of these two historical characters had later been dramatized by William Shakespeare and is still staged all over the world. 

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Grandma's Stories--971 --Love Story ! Romeo- Juliet !!

 Capulets were Juliet's family and the Montagues were Romeo's. The two families hated each other, so Romeo and Juliet had to get married secretly. Romeo, a young man from the Montague house, loved Rosaline . Romeo’s friend Benvolio  a Capulet servant, told him about  masked party at the Capulet house that evening. Romeo arrived at the Capulets' party in costume, Wearing a mask so that  nobody will recognize him as a Montague.
. He fell in love with young Juliet Capulet from the moment he saw her. However, Juliet's cousin Tybalt recognized Romeo and wanted to kill him on the spot. Lord Capulet stopped, insisted  Tybalt not disturb the party, Romeo quietly approached Juliet and confessed his love for her. After exchanging loving words, they kissed. Afterwards, Juliet's Nurse told Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet, which made upset the youngster. Meanwhile, Juliet is similarly got upset when she found out that Romeo is a Montague. Later that night, Romeo climbd the garden wall into Juliet's garden. Juliet emerged on her balcony and spoke her private thoughts out loud. She wished Romeo could  marry her.  Hearing her confession, Romeo appeared  and told Juliet that he loved her. She warned him to be true in his love, and he swore by his own self that he will be. Before they part, they agreed that Juliet will send her Nurse to meet Romeo at nine o'clock the next day, at which point he will set a place for them to be married.
The Nurse carried out her duty, and told Juliet to meet Romeo at the chapel where Friar Laurence lived and worked. Juliet met Romeo there, and the Friar married them in secret.
Benvolio and Mercutio (one of Romeo's friends) were waiting on the street later that day when Tybalt arrived. Tybalt asked where Romeo was so that he can punish him for attending  the party. Romeo happens to arrived in the middle of the conversation, Tybalt challenged him, but Romeo resisted fighting, but Mercutio jumped in and attacked with his sword on Tybalt. Romeo tried to block the two men, but Tybalt cut Mercutio and ran away.  Mercutio  died. Angry over his friend's death, Romeo fought with Tybalt and killed him. Then, he decided to run.
The Nurse told Juliet the sad news about what had happened to Tybalt and Romeo. Juliet was heart-broken, but she realized that Romeo would have been killed if he had not fought Tybalt. She sent her Nurse to find Romeo and give him her ring.
That night, Romeo arrived to Juliet's room, The next morning, he was forced to leave when Juliet's mother arrived. Romeo traveled to Mantua, where he waited for someone to send news about Juliet.
 Romeo and Juliet had only night together, however, Lord Capulet decided that Juliet should marry a young man named Paris, who had been asking for her hand. Lord and Lady Capulet told Juliet of their plan, but she refused..
Juliet then visited Friar Laurence, and together they planned to reunite her with Romeo. The Friar gave Juliet a potion that will make her seem dead for at least two days, during which time Romeo will come to meet her in their vault. The Friar promised to send the message about the plan to Romeo.
Juliet drank the Friar's potion that night. The next morning, found her "dead" in bed. The whole house declared her suicide, and Friar Laurence insisted they quickly place her into the family vault.
Unfortunately, Friar John was unable to deliver the letter to Romeo informing him about the plan, so when Romeo's servant brought him news in Mantua that Juliet has died, Romeo was heart-broken. He hurried back to Verona, but first, bought poison and wrote a suicide note .
Romeo arrived at the Capulet vault , found it guarded by Paris. Paris challenged Romeo to a duel, and Romeo killed him quickly. Romeo then carried Paris' body into the grave it. seeing Juliet's "dead" body lying in the tomb, Romeo drank the poison, gave her a last kiss - and died
Friar Laurence arrived to the vault just as Juliet woke up. He tried to convince her to run, but  seeing Romeo's dead body, she took her own life as well.The rest of the town started to arrive at the tomb, including Lord Capulet and Lord Montague. Friar Laurence explained the whole story, and Romeo's letter confirmed it. The two families agreed were sad and settled their Dispute.

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Grandma's Stories --970--Love Story !! Ali - Nino { Georgia }

This is the story of a Muslim youth who falls in love with a Georgian princes. Ali Khan was Muslim from a noble  family, is educated in a Russian high school for boys, brought up with Western values in school because of his love of Georgian Princess Nino Kipiani, who has been brought up in a Christian tradition and belongs more to the European world.
The love of Ali for Nino bloomed in  in Azerbaijan Georgia, and Persia. Ali determined to marry Nino. At first she hesitated,  Ali promised that he will not force her to wear the veil, Ali's father, despite his traditional Muslim view of women, supported the marriage while trying to postpone it.
 Christian Armenian person who was a friend, kidnapped Nino. Ali stabbed  him to death with a dagger. Ali saved Nino's life. Ali then ran to Dageshtan to escape that friend’s family.
After many months, Nino found  Ali in a simple hilltown. They married on the spot and spent a few months in blissful poverty.  In the the Russian Revolution, Ali Khan made some tough decisions. When the Ottoman Army moves closer to his native Baku Ali Khan watched the developments closely. The Bolsheviks recaptured Baku and Ali and Nino ran to Iran (Persia). In Tehran, Ali is reminded of his Muslim roots, while Nino is fundamentally unhappy .
After establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. Ali and Nino returned and became cultural ambassadors of their new country. Ali is offered a post as Ambassador to France  but Ali refused because he thought he will be unhappy in Paris. When the Red Army attacked on, Azerbaijan, Ali took up arms to defend his country. Nino ran to Georgia with their child, while Ali Khan died in battle .Victory led to the establishment of Soviet domination.

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Grandma's Stories--969--Camping !!

It was a beautiful Jungle.Full of Big long trees,It was Dense Forest.A small river was also flowing through the jungle.Many Wild animals were living in this Jungle.Violet Fox,Penelope Panther,her two cubs Isak and Jan,Mikel Monkey,Florian Rabbit,Stefan Bear and many more animals.Stefan Bear was very much loved by all as when ever somebody is in need he used to be there to help,He was a very good planner when ever they all need to celebrate a party,Function or Game show,stage show,etc.
Since last many days they all were planning to do camping.All were insisting Stefan to make plans for camping.One day he decided to do it.He made a list first,the animals who were ready to go.He then asked every one to bring one thing from the list, for camping,and one dish for the party that night.
In the afternoon they reached near the river.First they fixed all tents with each other's help.It took quite a long time.Then they all went to the river and had bath.It was late evening but beautiful full moon was there and the atmosphere was very good.Cool breeze was making it great.They all were very happy.They made a bonfire.
Every one took out the drinks,crisps and other salty nuts.Penelope Panther brought his guitar.He started playing it every one was dancing.
It was time for dinner.Every one brought delicious dishes and so they all had a great dinner.During dinner they were telling jokes,and laughing loud,asking puzzles and trying hard to solve them.
After Dinner they all went in there tents and slept.It was a fun filled camping and memorable event for all of them.

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Grandma's Stories--968---Bunny's Tooth !!

Rebecca Rabbit was sleeping when she heard groan from Bunny's bedroom.Bunny was her only Child.She went to his bedroom and asked him why he was groaning.He said," No,Nothing,It's not me" He hid his pain and said," Mom,You go and sleep,I am fine."Rebecca thought it might be her false suspicion and she went to bed.In the Midnight she woke up with a painful scream coming from Bunny's bed room.She ran towards his bedroom.She saw Bunny was restlessly changing sides and was laying on the floor.He said," Mom my tooth is aching,Give me some medicine or take me to the Doctor"Rebecca said," Don't worry! Every thing will be fine" She immediately called Dr. Sable Stork,and said ," Doctor could you come to my place please ! My son is in great pain." Dr.Sable was a very sincere Doctor and was dedicated to his profession,He said," I am coming " He reached Rebecca's house within ten minutes." He did the deep check-up,Given him medicine,within ten minutes,Bunny felt relief ,he and Rebecca thanked doctor Sable.Doctor said ," Don't say Thanks,but be careful about your teeth.Brush them regularly in the morning and before going to bed,Bunny said," Yes Doctor I will do it"Doctor went back and then Bunny said to Mom," I am sorry Mom,I had never listened to you I am really Sorry.Now I understood and never ignore caring my teeth." Mom smiled,she hugged Bunny and asked him to sleep.

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Grandma's Stories---967---Leon's Lesson !

Leon was a young Tiger Cub.He had not started hunting.His Mom Leola used to go for hunting and it took her quite long time to come back.Leon,at first didn't come out,but then gradually he started coming out.Seeing him all the birds and small animals started making noise,and running away from him.It was a new world and new things for Leon.Soon he understood,he is special,or more powerful than those.He first felt his sound is not as powerful as his Mom Leola's,in fact he felt his sound was quit funny.But still animals running made him proud of himself,and he felt it a good play.He started enjoying this play all day long till Leola returns.
All the animals didn't like this and they all had a meeting.In this meeting they talked about Leon,and decided to face him bravely.Different birds and animals were giving different Ideas.Peter parrot was very intelligent he said,When he will come out we all start making sound together.Next morning they all were waiting Leola to go for hunt,then immediately Leon came out to play his  favourite play,to make all the small animals and birds scared,but when he came out he heard a huge gruff combined sound of all the animals and birds.He turned around and went back inside his cave,and never tried it again.