Monday, March 19, 2018

Chhidranveshann !!


छोटे से छिद्र से कैसे 
निकल आएगी अपनी स्पेस 
सभी पार्टियां लगी हुईं हैं
 शह और मात की खेलें चेस !!
फूट डालो और राज करो 
ये तो करते थे अँगरेज़ 
ना ना ये तो 70 वर्षों से 
कर रही देखो कांग्रेस !!
इनकी देखा देखी सारी
पार्टियों ने की राजनीति 
जाति को आधार बना कर 
लगा रहे हैं सारे "रेस" !!
 हरिजन आदिवासी से 
पिछड़े अति पिछड़ों तक 
जाने कितनी जातियों के टुकड़े 
अब कौन बचा है शेष  !!
अब यक्ष प्रश्न है खड़ा सामने 
कैसे चुनाव जीतें कर्नाटक
एक  धर्म साधा "लिंगायत "
 इसे संविधान में देंगे प्लेस !!
भिन्न पुष्पों के गुलदस्ते जैसा 
जाति,धर्म ,समुदायों का संगम 
सौभाग्यशाली कहूं इसे मैं 
या दुर्भाग्यशाली मेरा ये देश !!
धर्म कर्म के साथ चाहिए 
एक तीसरा नेत्र 
षडयंत्रों को सूँघ सके तब 
वोट तो मिलेंगे ही " इन एनी केस "!!

Grandma's Stories--1165---Detective Dora !! { 173}

Dora received a phone call A lady was saying," i am giving you an information,in Mr. Ranveer Chaudhari's house there is a baby,they are saying he is their grandson but actually he is not their own son and the phone got disconnected.Dora informed it to Police Chief. They decided to do inquiry.They all went their house. 
Except Mr. Ranveer Chaudhari ,His wife Mrs. Deepa Chaudhari ,Their elder son Naresh Chaudhari his wife Sushmita Chaudhari,one 5 year daughter Jigna Chaudhari, Younger son Mahesh Chaudhari, his wife Anupriya Chaudhari and their two months baby Rupesh Chaudhari. The complaint Dora received was about this baby. 
Police party asked the proofs of their baby's birth. Mahesh went in and brought a file,they checked all papers were perfect and Police party came back.
When they reached Police station,Suddenly one thing clicked in Dora's mind.The Primary check up showed that There was some problem.The check up was done in " Durga Infertility Cure' So Dora Rohan and the Police Party went there and asked details of Mahesh and Anupriya's case details.They came to know that Yes ! the problem was in Mahesh,but they found the treatment very costly and so they didn't come back.
Dora and Rohan went Again to Chaudhari's house and said <" We have got a complaint and so you will have to go through DNA test" Hearing this Mahesh requested them to come with him in his bed room he wanted to tell them something."
They agreed.he said ,"He was fed up of hearing taunts from his Mom,She used to insist him to give them a grandson. She was already annoyed with Sushmita as she had given birth a baby girl.{ Still Some People In India do discrimination between boy and girl,It is like a Curse } So I decided to give them a grandson.For that I sent my wife to her Mom's house in another town saying that she is pregnant and  will come back after delivery.Every one was happy in house.After nine months I had to arrange a baby. I was moving all around.I saw a poor young lady gave birth a baby. She was working in a building construction site. She had made a temprory swing hanging on tree's branch.When she got busy working,I stole the baby.Dora said," Shame on you " Police recovered the baby and handed over to his mom.Mr.& Mrs. Chaudhari,Mahesh & Anupriya arrested and brought to the police station.Cases were filed according to their involvement in crime.

Short English Essays !! { 13 } A Visit to Museum !!

Museum is a place where old relics are kept for public show.Visit to Museum always increases our knowledge.I had a chance to Visit Museum in New Delhi.It is a very big building divided in to various section.Each section had different exhibits.
The arms section contained old swords,Spikes,daggers,helmets bows and arrows,and other weapons.There was a model of battle scene in glass case.
In the next room there were house hold articles pots and pans recovered from historical sites.Domestic life of ancient people.Silver ornaments,bangles,foot wear clothes and musical instruments.
Another section had large number of paintings,like children play court scene, fights of wild animals wonderful paintings of traditional culture.
The next section ha models of irrigation schemes and lots of achievements after independence it proves how country is progressing ahead.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Grandma's Stories--1164-----Detective Dora !! { 172 }

Mr. Anil Ahuja was the owner of that first and new Hospital.He came in with Dr. Miss. Trishna Nair.He introduced her to Dr. Vishal Joshi and Milind Aaras. She liked Vishal at first sight,but next moment she came to know that both of them were married and have one daughter each.She tried to avoid the thought about Vishal but she could not.She started come closer to Vishal.Each day started sharing lunch with him and spending most of the time around him.Vishal was a grave man and dedicated to his family while Trishna was a Stubborn Young Woman.Soon She She got a chance because Mr. Vishal's wife Puja received a phone call from her father about his illness He was living in another town.She had to go there,Vishal took her to railway station she went with her daughter Mini.When he came back home he saw Dr.Trishna waiting for him there.Dr. Vishal asked her to have a coffee in formality,she happily agreed.Both of them entered in Vishal's house.It was actually Trishna's Pre-planned entry.She mixed something drowsy in coffee.When Vishal drank and felt sleepy she clicked some intimate pictures of both of them,and went home.
Next morning she showed him and started blackmailing him by saying that she will show it to his wife or up load them on social networking sights.Vishal was badly trapped.After one week when Puja came back,and Vishal told each and every thing to her.At first she got angry but she understood the situation. She phoned Dr.Trishna and told her,"My husband told me each and every thing.I know this is all done by you.Now do what ever you want to do "This call  put fire in her heart "
Next morning Mini was in her school.Vishal was in hospital.Puja received a call from school that "Today's school's closing time will be  2 instead of 1 ,Puja said OK."but when she went to pick Mini up at 2 she came to know that school closed at 1" When she turned around a car hit her badly she was taken to the hospital.Vishal was shocked to see her.Puja was saying " Mini --- Search Mini--One car dashed me its number was ---658 --any how she could convey her husband what happened"Vishal immediately called Dora's helpline number.Dora and Rohan came there.Dora asked her," Is there any one suspicious ?"Please tell me honestly every thing"Vishal then told each and everything happened in last two weeks only." Dora immediately sent the police party to Trishna's house,Mini was found there,she was watching T.V."She said"When I came out of school,Mom was not there but one aunty told me that Mom has sent her to pick me up,she brought me here "Dora called the Registration office,gave the number and within ten minutes she came to know it was Dr.Trishna's car.Now three  strong cases were filed,kidnapping of a child,hit & run,Blackmailing some one.She was arrested.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Grandma's Stories--1163---Detective Dora !! { 171 }

Dimple Jutshi was living in that six floor, society's building.He was living with Joseph Masih.Both of them were not married but soon they were going to marry.That night he got lot of pending works to do and so he had to stay for long time there. He received a phone call from Dimple She was saying about the failure of electricity supply in their flat only.Joseph suggested her to complain to the Guard room so that he will send electrician,she did the same.Electrician Shekhar came repaired temprory and suggested her to use only one bulb and one fan as it will take long time for complete repairing.
In the midnight when Joseph arrived and opened the door with his key.He turned on the light,Found Dimple seriously hurt,in the hall.He immediately called the Police and the Ambulance too. Police arrived first with Photographer,Took all the photographs of the crime scene and the victim.Dimple was sent to the hospital.
Dora and Rohan also reached there.Dora asked Joseph" What happened this evening and why were you late ?He replied ," The electrician Shekhar came to repair and he repair temprory "
Dora &Rohan talked to the Electrician Shekhar and tallied,he was speaking the truth.
Dora then wanted to talk to the guard Rizwan,but he was not available in guard's room.
Dora went to Secretary Mr.Anant Joshi's office,He was also worried because Rizwan was absent.His proper address was also not available.But he could tell that he was from Hydrabad.
His number was received but it was switched off. Joseph said ," Dimple and Rizwan had argument twice,because he was disobedient"
Dora Rohan and the Police team went to Hydrabad  but it was very tough to find him.They met Hydrabad Police and talked They had Rizwan's photograph,but he was not a history sheeter,but still Police gave those photograp Copies to their informers.And soon they got a positive news.He had changed his appearance and was working in a Biryani Restaurant.He was arrested and brought to the police station.He said," Dimple had insulted him twice so he wanted to take revenge,he got a chance when Electrician Shekhar went,He hid himself behind the fridge and then atteck Dimple with a stick laying there.And I ran away.
Criminal case was filed against him.

Anmol Moti !! {28}

पुस्तकों का मूल्य रत्नों से भी अधिक है क्योंकि रत्न बाहरी चमक दमकदीखते हैं जबकि पुस्तकें अन्तः कारन को उज्जवल कर देतीं हैं --गाँधी 
विचारों के युद्ध में पुस्तकें अस्त्र हैं --बर्नार्ड शॉ 
पुस्तकें जीते जागते देवता हैं उनकी सेवा करके तुरंत वरदान प्राप्त किया जा सकता है --अज्ञात 
मानव जाती ने जो कुछ किया सोचा और पाया है वह पुस्तकों के जादू भरे पृष्ठों में सुरक्षित है --कार्लाइल 
पुस्तक जेब में रखा हुआ बाग़  है
मैं नरक में भी पुस्तकों का स्वागत करूँगा क्योंकि इसमें वो शक्ति है की जहाँ ये होंगी वहां आप ही स्वर्ग बन जाएगा --लोकमान्य तिलक 
बिना पुस्तकों  के ईश्वर मौन है न्याय निद्रित है प्राकृतिक विज्ञानं स्तब्ध है दर्शन लंगड़ा है शब्द गूंगे हैं और सभी वस्तुएं पूर्ण अन्धकार में हैं--बारथोलिन 
जो पैन गईं कर पुस्तकों का मूल्य देते हैं उनका मन पुस्तक के नीचे दबकर ही कब्र में पहुँच जाता हैं --टैगोर 
पूजा --हम जिसकी पूजा करते हैं उनके सामान हो जाते हैं पूजा का अधिक कुछ मतलब नहीं--गाँधी 
तुम ईश्वर और धन दोनों की पूजा एक साथ नहीं कर सकते --बाइबिल 
मनुष्य ही परमात्मा का सर्वोच्च साक्षात् मंदिर है इसलिए 
पेट--इंसान अपने आप को ईश्वर नहीं समझता इसका कारण पेट है --नीत्शे 
पापी पेट तू सब कुछ कर सकता है मान और अभिमान,ग्लानि और लज्जा ये सब काली घटाओं की ओट में छिप जाते हैं --प्रेमचंद 
प्रकृति ---प्रकृति ईश्वर की कला है --दांते 
प्रकृति और ववेक सदा एक ही बात करते हैं --जुवेनल 
प्रकृति की आज्ञा मान कर ही हम उसका नेतृत्व करते हैं --बेकन 

Friday, March 16, 2018

Grandma's Stories---1162--Detective Dora !! { 170}

Mrs. Nandini Gupte was not in the house.His husband Ramesh Gupte did not find her in the house.His children Deepu and Priyanka were crying for Mummy. He lodged her missing complaint. Police Party immediately went to their house.Her husband checked and said ," six lacs of rupees and Jewellery worth six Lacs rupees is missing.
The CCTV Camera was showing that early in the morning at 5 she was coming out.but she was empty handed. Dora could not digest that she had taken that money and jewellery.
Actually Ramesh was a very harsh man.He used to be suspicious towards her. He used to think that some one else was in her life.
Dora decided to see the CCTV recordings of the roads near their residence.She saw that it was confirmed that  She decided to commit Suicide.When she came out and started walking.A big truck was coming with full speed she intented to jump in front of it.A girl Shyamli Moghe who was talking to her phone about fifteen Fts.away from that place.She quickly reached and dragged her back.She first scolded Nandini and then took her with on her Scooty .
Dora asked the Police Party to find the other girl.The Print out was taken out and published with the "Missing" title.
Next morning at 10 she her self arrived to the Police station.She said "Yes I saved and 
I took her with me. I helped her getting a job of a sales girl in a garment shop.She is with me.
Dora and Rohan with Police Party went to her home.Nandini was there.She didn't want to live with Ramesh Gupte.
Ramesh Gupte was arrested for filing the wrong complaint of stealing Money and Jewellery by her ,which he himself had hidden.
Deepu and Priyanka were very happy to get their mom back.