Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Gaddaar ---4 !!

गद्दार ----३

आँखें फैली रह जावें हैं देश विरोधी नारे सुन कर
हक्के बक्के होवें सारे ये  दबंगई देख देख कर
कहते हैं "ये विद्यार्थी सारे""लिख लोढा पढ़ पत्थर "
जिन्हें कहीं भी "एडमिशन " मिले ना,सर पटक पटक कर
मुफ्त पढ़ाई मुफ्त का भोजन खाएं जी भर भर कर
फिर भी देश से नमक हरामी ? शर्म कर शर्म कर !
वो सारे यहाँ आ जाते ,दुनिया के धक्के खाकर,
सड़ा गला छटउआ माल, भरा हुआ यहाँ पर
जो इनके बचाव में बोले ,वो इन जैसे इनके "मैडम - सर "
लिखने पढने से इनको क्या मतलब,क्लास लगाएं सड़क पर,
लानत भेजो इन गद्दारों पर,कोसो जी भर भर कर !!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Grandma's Stories--936--Detective Dora !! { 10 }

Mr.Xavier was sitting in his office with all his students.This batch was completing their training after fifteen days.All of them were discussing about their future carrier.John,William,Charles,and Fred belong to one town ,David &Paul and Hilda were from one town and Dora was from a different.They all wanted to start a Detective Agency together by cooperating each other.They wanted to cover the complete area.Mr.Xavier agreed and help them establishing the Agency,and promised to guide them time to time.When they were talking,the telephone rang,Mr.Xavier picked it up and listened to it.It was from the Palace Management Dept.Besides the hard security system.and a big team of guard Queen's precious Necklace was missing.
Mr.Xavier sent his complete team first thinking that it was a very important and high profile case.He followed his team after completing all the preparations.
The Chief Management Officer described everything.Yesterday the Royal Family had a family gathering and some friends were also invited there with families.The Necklace was kept on the dressing table by the Queen after the Party.Some family friends were still enjoying the party,but she was feeling tired and wanted to sleep.It was very tough for the Royal Family to point out family members and friends' families.All of them were still guests of the Royal Family and were taking rest in their rooms allotted by the management.
Dora noted down every guests name age and place they came from,and she mainly made a list of the staff worked last evening.Were they permanent staff members or some of them came on temporary basis to serve.She came to know that all were permanent staff members,cooks or other servants.
Till that time Mr.Xavier reached there with his photographer,and Police Chief.The Royal family didn't want to propagate it until the case is solved.
Dora reached near the dressing table.It was a Glamorous and beautiful table.Dora removed the table which was laying in front of the table.Nothing special there.Then she went to the entrance gate again,She saw the floor there was dirty,and some shoe prints coming in made the floor dirty,she took out a small brush from her bag.She collected the dust in her dustpan.She looked through microscope.She found sand particles.She went and showed this to all.Now every body was thinking seriously about this.
They asked the Managing officer about the parking.Xavier sent Dora and Hilda to check cars.Both the girls found sand on tires of a Rolls Royce car.It was Queen's nephew's car.They again talked to the Managing officer,and came to know that Nephew Rex is here with his one friend Shawn and Shawn had gone out last night and it was cleared that he had gone by Rolls Royce and came back after two hours and again joined the party.He is sleeping in the room next to Rax.
Now Police wanted to question,so they called him,at first he denied doing theft,but when Police Chief became hard,he confessed.He said he was to pay a big amount debt and when he was just passing through the corridor he saw the shining necklace on the dressing table,he couldn't resist himself,picked it up,and quietly came out.but he was scared and so decided to hide it.He saw every body was busy in Party,and he had Keys f the Rolls Royce,so he went out and hide the necklace at a secret place on the beach.
Police Chief called some more Policemen,they all went with Shawn,found the necklace.Shawn was taken to the jail for further formalities.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Surprise !!


कितना handsome हूँ,smart हूँ
किसी ने कभी गौर ही नहीं किया मेरी speed पर
work load चाहे जितना भी हो ,
मैं हमेशा ready रहता हूँ
मैं हमेशा busy रहता हूँ
कभी कोई demand नहीं की मैंने
हमेशा command किया जाता रहा
मिसाल के तौर पर हमेशा use किया जाता रहा
मैंने कभी Mind नहीं किया
People used to make fun of me
कभी मुझ पर , कभी मेरी आवाज़ पर
सदियों से ,बरसों से कुछ बदला नहीं मेरी ज़िन्दगी में,
अचानक पिछले दिनों, यक - ब - यक,
तूफ़ान सा आ गया ,
बरसों से humiliate जो होता रहा था
वो" मैं "hero बन गया,
छा गया मैं media में
हर चैनल पर चर्चा में
lime light में आ गया
शायद पहचान गए हैं आप
जी हाँ ! आज का hero हूँ
मैं आपका प्यारा "गधा " हूँ !!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Grandma's Stories---935--Detective Dora --9 !!

Dora and Paul's performance was too good in India and the higher authorities honoured them with cash prize and Certificates,and requested them to help in future also.Both of them did not reply as they were just representatives sent by Mr.Xavier,but Xavier came to know the truth very soon and he kept it in mind.Very soon he got a chance,he received a phone call from India's Intelligence Dept.They said they had organized an exhibition of Precious Jewels for a Former King, two days ago,They did all security arrangements but failed and a Sharp gang of thieves had stolen all the Jewellery.All the guards standing out side the gate with guns found unconscious laying on the ground,and the officers managing inside were also found in the same position.Their people are working on the case but could not do any thing yet.Mr.Xavier immediately called Dora and Paul,asked them to go to India again to solve the very important case.Dora and Paul happily agreed.
They landed on time in the afternoon,were received by the Intelligence Department's people and taken to the rest house.In the evening they went to the Police Chief,who was known to them and recommended Mr.Xavier to send them.Both of them noted down the details about the theft.
Next early morning they went to the Exhibition,though ,they didn't have any hope to get any clues after   three four days,but they decided to search hard,and their efforts worked.They found four butts of cigarette on the floor they sent them for forensic report.The doors were sealed  locked and closed ,just after the theft.
Three butts were same white,and one was brown which was not available in Indian Market.Dora and Paul started working on that line.They inquired and came to know that such imported Cigarettes were sold in a big shop of the town.They went to the shop,and talked to the Shopkeeper.He told them that only one richest person used to buy those cigarettes.They informed this to the Police Chief,and requested him to accompany,while talking to the Richest Man.Police Chief agreed. Police Chief,Dora & Paul went with three assistants,they had a search warrant.At first the rich man got angry and was not allowing them to come in.
But then he agreed,Police party was searching all over and did not find any thing even after searching the whole house.Dora and Paul were watching a huge painting.They removed it from the wall and found a door for underground basement.Quickly everyone reached there,and they got a heap of gold ornaments.All stolen from different places { Unsolved cases}including the Exhibition theft.The Rich man was arrested and taken to the Police Station.
Dora and Paul stayed there for two more days for the final report.They were appreciated by all,they went back with lots of gifts and Mr.Xavier's chaque. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017


मैं और मेरे पति स्वभावतः दयालू हैं ,मानवीयता से परिपूर्ण। आज के समय में इसे प्रायः मूर्खता ही कहा जाता है।  हमें भी कई कई बार इस मानवीयता के बदले में अनपेक्षित ,दुखदायी अनुभव प्राप्त हुए। फिर भी रक्त में घुला  मिला यह गुण या यूँ कहें की दुर्गुण कभी कभी सर उठाता ही रहता है। कल भी हमारे साथ एक घटना घटी। मुझे और मेरे पति को इनकम टैक्स रिटर्न भरने के लिए सीए के कार्यालय जाना था। काम समाप्त कर पैसिफिक माल में थोड़ा वक़्त गुजारने का इरादा करके मेट्रो से हम सुभाष नगर  के स्टेशन पर उतरे। बाहर निकलते हुए सीढ़ियों के अंतिम हिस्से में हमने एक स्त्री को बैठे  हुए देखा। वह सीधे पल्ले की ठीक ठाक सी साडी पहनी माथे पर बिंदिया लगाई हुयी और सभ्रांत परिवार की लग रही थी। उसके भीख के लिए बढे हुए हाथ को नज़रअंदाज़ करते हुए ,हम पाँच छह कदम उससे आगे बढ़ गए थे,लेकिन हमें लगा कि शायद वह घरेलु अत्याचार  की सताई हुई कोई बदनसीब हो। हम दोनों एक दूसरे से सहमत हुए मेरे पति ने अपने वालेट से रुपये निकाले ,उसमे एक बीस और एक पचास का नोट उनके हाथ में आया ,उन्होंने तत्परता से पचास का नोट उसके हाथ में दे दिया। वो नोट को सर माथे से लगाकर कृतज्ञता व्यक्त कर रही थी। हम आगे बढ़ गए और मॉल पहुँच कर अपने आप में मग्न हो गए। लगभग सवा नौ बजे वापसी का इरादा कर के पुनः सुभाषनगर स्टेशन पहुंचे। वो स्त्री अभी भी वहीँ थी और रुपये  गिन  रही थी। उसने हमें पहचान लिया। उसके चेहरे में मुस्कान आ गयी। मैं इस बार भी दो सीढ़ी ऊपर चढ़ गई और साहस मुझे लगा कि उससे कुछ पूछा जाए। मेरे पति ने भी तब तक उससे पूछ लिया कि उसका घर कहाँ है ,उसने कुछ कहा ,मैं थोड़ा झुक कर उससे पूछने लगी की वो यहाँ क्यों है ,उसने पहला वाक्य तो " मेरी बहू मुझे यहाँ भेजती है कहती है पैसे लेकर आओ ,मैं टैगोर गार्डन से आती हूँ ,मेरे पति भी यही काम करते हैं ,मैंने दस लाख का क़र्ज़ लिया था ,आठ मैंने चुका दिए हैं अब दो लाख रहते हैं " यह सुनते ही मैं अवाक् रह गई ,शायद ऐसा प्रश्न उससे किसी ने कभी किया ही ना होगा और अप्रत्याशित रूप से प्रश्न पूछे जाने पर वह कोई कहानी नहीं बना पायी और सच बोल गई. मैं तुरंत पलटी और पति को बताते हुए सीढियां चढ़ने लगी। मेरे दिमाग में आंधियां चलने लगी ये सोच कर कि एक बार और हम ठगे गए।  मेरे पति मुझे समझा रहे थे की वो स्त्री एक और सबक दे गई ,आप जो देखते हैं,आप जो समझते हैं, वो सही नहीं होता ,सच आवरण में ही होता है और जो भी दिखता है आज के युग में उसका अधिकाँश हिस्सा  झूठ का मुलम्मा ही होता है।    

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Saans !!

सांस -----

मस्तियाँ मसरूफियत 
ज़िन्दगी ज़िंदादिली के आसपास 
खुशियां खूबसूरत खुशनुमा
जीते रहते हैं हम बिंदास 
कभी गौर नहीं करते हैं हम 
कैसे चल रही हैं सांस 
जब डॉक्टर कहता है 
ज़ोर से लीजिये सांस 
तब ध्यान में आती है सांस 
जब तक चलती है सांस 
तब तक बनी रहती है आस 
तकलीफ जब आती है बेतरह 
मुश्किलों के टूटते हैं पहाड़ 
बुढापे में जब झुक जाती है जब कमर,
या मौत के ठीक पहले 
उखड जाती है सांस 
दौलत के ढेर पे बैठा हुआ शख्स 
या सड़क के किनारे लेटा हुआ भिखारी 
सांस की अहमियत है बराबर 
चाहे आप आम हों ,या ख़ास !!  

Monday, February 20, 2017

Grandma's Stories--934--Detective Dora !! {8}

One month passed smoothly without any problem.All eight detectives were having fun all day long except,Mr.Xavier's one class.In this class he used to teach them about different types of crimes,criminals and the ways to find out the truth.Dora was a sincere student because being Detective was her passion.He used to chew and swallow all the words spoken by Mr.Xavier.She wanted to be the perfect Detective.All the students were of same age and enjoying this free time full of fun.But the free time flew away fast and One Day a crime was reported to Mr.Xavier.It was an amazing crime reported by Mrs.Madhulika,one of his friends from India.She was requesting him to help.He said,"I am sending my two efficient ,intelligent and perfect,students.They will solve your case,don't worry"
Mrs.Madhulika was a widow lady.She had two children,One daughter Megha nineteen years,and Son Ritesh,sixteen years.She described in brief,Ritesh had pain in stomach,was admitted to a big renowned hospital,doctor decided to do operation,and during operation he died,the dead body was handed her over.She was suspected so called another known family doctor to check it.Seeing the stitches,and deep check up,he said,one kidney is missing,there might be a kidney racket behind it.She wants to disclose it.
Mr.Xavier met Madhulika first when he had been to India for the first time.He preferred to live in Mrs.Madhulika's P.G.{ Paying Guest}house.After that he visited twice there.
He immediately bought two tickets for Dora and Paul,got the Visa done for two months,He knew it was a tough case,and dangerous too it may take a long time to solve.Mrs.Madhulika received them from airport.
Next morning they went to the police station with Mrs.Madhulika.Mr.Sanjeev Sharma,The Police Chief was very sincere and really wanted to solve the case,became happy to meet Dora & Paul.Dora and Paul came to know about two more same crimes happened recently.One poor man Ramu was in need of money to repay his debt.One day a man named Durjan came and offered him a that amount for one Kidney,he agreed and got the operation done some where.
                        A bus passenger shreenath was given a drowsy medicine through food,when he woke up,he was laying in the jungle and his one Kidney was stolen.
                  Dora and Paul decided to work on a strategy,for that they wanted an Indian face.Megha herself offered her,she was bold and really wanted to punish the killer of her brother.Mrs.Madhulika also agreed.The best part was ,she was not known to the Doctors team,and the staff of that hospital,because she was in hostel for her exams,and came home when his brother was dead.
              She got admitted to the Hospital,because she complained same type of pain in stomach,she said ," My parents live abroad so I am alone here"Megha's family doctor gave her a medicine to use instead of the medicine used for sedation.She intelligently exchanged it while she was on the operation table.She just jumped down when the Doctor picked up the Scalpel,she was shouting loud out side the operation theatre.
All the patients and their attendants,staff members came out,Dora and Paul were already there,to stop the Doctor { The Main Culprit},soon the Police team arrived and arrested the Doctor and others who were involved in these crime.
During Intrrogation a big kidney racket was disclosed.Many criminals were caught throughout the country.Dora and Paul got name and fame there.Mrs.Madhulika,organised a party,gave many gifts to Dora and Paul.
Next day both of them flew back to their country.