Thursday, October 27, 2016

Le Doobega Pani !!

ले डूबेगा पानी !!

विधान सभा चुनावों में "आप" ने दी सस्ती बिजली ,
और वोट के लिए ,
दिल्ली को दिया मुफ्त में पानी,
 आज परनाले बन कर
बह रहा मोहनगार्डन के निवासियों की आँखों से पानी ,
हर एक घर के नीचे संचित है ,
काफी से ज्यादा पानी ,
एक फ़ीट का गड्ढा खोदो ,और निकल आये पानी ,
चटखते फर्श,और उनमे से निकल रहे बड़े बड़े चूहे ,
साथ में फव्वारे सा निकल रहा पानी ,
दरारें दीवारों की,नीचे से ऊपर को चढ़ रहा सीलन का पानी,
बरसों पुराने पेड़ों की हरियाली को ,खा गया पानी,
इन घरों को बनाने में गरीबों को ,बहाना  पड़ेगा पैसा, जैसे पानी,
उनकी खून पसीने की जमा पूंजी आमदनी
बह जाएगी बन कर पानी ,
घरो ज़मीनो की कीमत को,घटा रहा है ये पानी ,
सभी कोस रहे हैं "आप" को ,पी पी कर के  पानी ,
उठते बैठते श्राप दे रहे सारे,जाने कब निकसेगा पानी ,
"निकास नहीं तो वोट नहीं"इसे पत्थर पर लकीर जान लो ,
उतार देंगे "आप" का सारा पानी
इक्का दुक्का अच्छे कामो पर ,
"आप" ने  खुद ही फेर लिया पानी ,
चुल्लू भर ही काफी था "आप" को डुबाने को पानी ,
मोहनगार्डन में भरा हुआ है ,"आप"की ,
"जलसमाधी "के लिए भरपूर पानी !


Grandma's Stories--676--Faithful Mongoose !!

This story belongs to a very small village of India.A big part of India’s population still lives in villages.Fifty years ago there lived a lady named Rama Bai in village Dinapur with her husband,Her husband was a farmer.They were newly wedded couple.Both of them were hard working.They had a small Piece of land,but they were satisfied,They could grow enough for their livelihood.They had two cows too.There are a lots of works for village women,like,cleaning the house,bringing water from the well,Bring dry or green grass for cows,Going to the pond or river for bathing and washing clothes,Making grain’s flour at home in a small home made machine calls”Chakki”then cooking food and taking it for husband at the farm.All day long Rama bai used to be busy in these works.She also used to take her lunch with her husband.A small Mongoose also was a share holder of this food.Both of them loved him very much,very soon the mongoose started going to their house,now he was a pet just like a family member,after one year Rama Bai gave birth to a child,both of them were very happy and the mongoose too,When ever Rama Bai is out,The Baby was taken care by the Mongoose.One day she had been to the well to bring water and as usual the Baby was in swing and taken care by the Mongoose,suddenly a big snake came and crawling towards the Baby’s swing but Mongoose was alert,there was a big fight between the two,at last Mongoose killed the snake.He got tired,and sat at the door waiting for Rama Bai.Rama Bai reached,and saw blood around his mouth,only one thought clicked in her mind that he harmed his small,baby,without thinking any other thing,and without seeing the truth,her anger crossed the limit,she throw the filled pot of water on Mongoose,the very small creature,he did not expect this action,so could not bear the attack and  immediately died,Rama Bai ran inside found her child sleeping a sound sleep,a Big and Poisonous snake was dead there,she ran out now,put the dead mongoose in her lap and weeping like any thing,But she can’t undo what was done by her.
Anger is the biggest enemy of man,Be calm,think Twice before doing any thing.

Grandma's Stories--675--Fairy Vanished !!

This is a story from Japan.There lived a poor couple in a village of Japan.Traditionally they were weavers but the whole village was of weavers,so they could hardly earn money for their bread and butter.Japan was very famous for its silk clothes.Every weaver tried to make a different,attractive design on his cloth.There was a tough competition.The couple also tried to be a part of this competition,and so they also did many experiments on their cloth.Whenever the husband was out,for buying materials or selling cloth,the wife used to do the weaving ,One day while she was weaving her finger got hurt by the machine and she could not know even for quite a long time,the white silk was now with the red spots of different shapes and sizes on all over.when she saw,she was shocked,her husband reached and saw that a big part of the cloth got spoilt ,Both the people were looking each other’s  eyes.At last they decided to sell it as it was.Next day the husband went to the market,and wife was at home feeling very guilty,she had a unbearable pain in her heart,she could not tolerate it and died.In the market,All the customers were attracted towards the red spotted white silk,and within an hour the husband sold the complete cloth on very high price,but when he reached home ,and found his wife dead,started weeping like any thing,neighbours  came and helped him doing the funeral arrangements.At night he heard his wife’s voice”Don’t worry,I will weave the cloth every night,and you will not be a poor man any more,but while I weave nobody should see me,not even you,if any body looks me weaving then I will vanish and never come”the husband agreed,next day on wards,every night he heard the sound of the weaving and found the white silk with red spots in the morning,he started earning a lot,one night he could not resist him self and peeped through the key hole,he found nobody was there,but the machine stopped and he never got such fine  white red spotted silk.

Grandma's Stories--674--Brave Bheema !!

Bheema was a brave boy living with her Grandma in a small village.His age was about eighteen but still he was very fond of listening stories.Her Grandma used to tell him stories of Mahabharat,Ramayan,Purann,and from many other holi books of India and sometimes she narrated imaginary stories too.Once she had told him that about 75 miles away from their house,in East side there lives a big giant and he had trapped a beautiful girl and put her in a cage and if some one takes the challenge and defeats him,he will set the girl free.One day his Grandma had to go to the next village to visit her brother,Bheema was alone and he decided to go to the East side,He may find the Big Giant,so he came out of his house and started walking,The East side was completely a hilly area.When he crossed half of the way he saw an old man sitting under a tree,he was wounded and thirsty also,Raju had a water bottle in his hand so he gave him water to drink.the old man was a magician and he was quite fine he was just testing Bheema,so he became happy and gave three things to Bheema,First was a small bird,which can fly very high in the sky,second was a magic stone,if we press it in our fist milk starts coming out of it,and third was a pair of magic shoes,which make you jump high if you put them on.Bheema put the things in his bag said good bye to the magician and started his journey.When he reached at the top of the hill,he found a small castle,just as described by Grandma.He was scared a little bit when he saw a big Giant was coming towards him,his face was ugly and he had only one big eye on his forehead.”H
Who are you and Why have you come here?
“I am Bheema and I have come here to defeat you,and to set the girl free.”
The Giant laughed in more scary voice,he said O.K.
then he picked up a stone from the ground and pressed it in his fist water was started coming out,he said can you do it?Yes ,Why not,Bheema  pretended to pick up a stone while he had already the magic stone in his hand,He presses it in his fist,Milk started coming out of it.The Giant got surprised.Then again he picked up a stone and said”Look ,I am throwing it,far away ,you have to throw more far away the stone than me,The Giant threw the stone far away,mean while Bheema took out the bird from his bag,he again pretended to pick up a stone and he threw the bird high in the sky,Giant could not see even.Now he got angry and attacked Bheema,Bheema knew that and he was already in magic shoes,The Giant trying to catch him and Bheema was jumping,at last The giant fell down,Bheema quickly went inside,He broke the lock of the cage and take out the girl,the girl showed a parrot and said”Kill it!Giant’s soul is in this parrot”Bheema killed the parrot,and the Giant died with abig sound,Now Bheema and the girl started running towards the villaga”
“Bheema!Get up my boy,its morning”The Grandma was smiling,Bheema was also smiling”Oh!It was a dream”.

Grandma's Stories--673--Crown & Sword !!

Once upon a time,in the north part of India there lived a king.His name was Trilochan singh,He and his Prime minister cum Army commander in chief’s name was Sardaar singh,They included big parts of other states.There was a very nice tuning between the two.People in that state were happy and they had no problem.Both of them had no wives {So they spent their all time in thinking and doing for the welfare of their People}but two sons King’s son was Prafull singh and Commander-in Chief’s son was Shikhar singh ,they were still studying in Gurukal{Gurukul was a full time school in ancient India where a child comes at the age of 4 and goes out at the age of 21,and learns all holy books,horse riding,using of sword and many other things}The king and the Commander-in-chief were growing old and they were worried about their kingdom.Next week their children {Young sons}are coming back.Both of them wanted their children right at the place of them,so they decided to send them together for six months to see their kingdom without showing their Identity.When the Boys came back home ,all the preparations for their journey were done,they were surprised,but happy as both of them were friends and knows their places and duties.
They were on their horses and crossing the Royal Garden while Shikhar singh stopped his horse and tried to listen and understand what the two birds were talking about,He was expert in understanding birds language.Prafulla singh asked “What happened?What they are talking about?”
“They have talked about many things Iwill tell you after words,now come on,lets go from the second main gate,”
Why?asked the Prince.
You see your self.
And when they were crossing. the second main gate at the same time, first main gate fell down and damaged completely,thanks God no body got hurt. 
After fifteen days of journey,they had to spend one night in Jungle.
Shikhar Singh said I will sleep first and you have to guard ,and in second half, I Will guard and you sleep”Prafulla Singh agreed.
In the second half a big Poisonous snake with a MANI {It is a saying in India that some snakes after hundred years of their life have MANI and they can change their existence,just like they can be same as any man,woman or animal etc,and that MANI is very precious}on his head, came, and started hunting in the light of MANI,Shikhar Singh killed him and put the MANI in his bag.
When their journey was about to end they had to stay in a lady’s hut.Shikhar singh went watching the bed ,he found that under the quilt their was hollow space,and when he peeped he found a dry well with many snakes and Poisonous insects,he immediately covered the space with sticks,he found there.and then covered it with quilt and asked the Prince to sleep,his own bed was O.K.but he did not sleep,he saw ,in the midnight the lady went into Prince’s room and tied a black thread in his foot,when she went out,Shikhar singh immediately untied the thread and tied it in the bed’s leg,He Wake the Prince up and silently they started their journey back home,within ten minutes they heard a big sound,the bed flew and fell in a very huge pot of hot water ,the pot was still on the fire,and they heard the angry screaming of that lady who was a Witch.They are now near to their state,Shikhar singh told all about the Falling of the gate,MANI,and The Witch to the Prince,About Which the Birds were talking.The King and the commander in Chief were happy to know all this,Now the Prince became the king and the next Commander in chief was Shikhar singh.All People were happy with this decision.

Grandma's Stories--672--Justice Of Fortune !!

Once upon a time,there lived a very good king named Aadityraj in India.He was very brave and very popular among his people because he always do works for their betterment.His wife the queen Rajlakshmi was also very soft hearted and soft spoken lady.After twelve long years of her marriage now she was pregnant and going to be blessed by a baby.The king was also very happy he is going to get the next successor for his kingdom.Every thing was smooth and fine,while a sudden storm destroyed every thing,her name was Saudamini,she was the Princess of the state next to Aadityraj’s state.Both of them met during a hunt,attracted towards each other and got married{Most of the kings of ancient India used to get married to more than one woman}and brought her home,Elder queen Rajlakshmi got shocked but she could not do any thing.Saudamini captured all places very fast which were previously in Rajlakshmi’s authority.She snatched most of her rights too.One day,king had to go for a war,he asked Saudamini to take care of Rajlakshmi,as the delivery time is quite near,she smiled and said”Don’t worry,I will take care of her”.King went away,after one week Rajlakshmi felt labour pain,the midwife Heerabai was called and instructed by Saudamini,she gave a juice to Rajlakshmi,she drank and became un concious,she gave birth to a fair,good looking and healthy baby boy,Saudamini,picked the boy up,and gave it to a soldier named Ramjas”Go to the jungle and kill him,and don;t tell this to any body she threatened the midwife and the soldier,if you utter even a single word,I will kill your generations.She gave them a big amount of money too.The soldier went to the jungle,but could not kill the baby boy he took him to his home,he had no child,so his wife became very happy,and thus the boy named Rajyvardhan brought up their with love,affection and good education,he learnt using sword,bow and arrow and all the weapons which are necessary for a king.When Rajlakshmi woke up,Saudamini showed her a stone,and said you gave birth this stone,while king came back,he insisted him to throw Rajlakshmi in servant’s quarter,Rajlakshmi started living there.Twenty years passed,Saudamini could not get any child,old king was worried about his kingdom,he organised a competition of using weapons,and he had decided to declare the next king,who ever be the winner,Rajyavardhan won,when he was going to declare,the soldier went near him and told all about Saudamini,as Saudamini was sitting far away from that place.The king could not believe,he hugged his son,immediately put the crown on his head,all the people became very happy,brought Rajlakshmi in the palace with great respect and big sorry,and threw Saudamini in jail till death.

Grandma's Stories--671--Peenu & Princess !!

There was a kingdom in middle part of India.The king Raghvendra was quite a strict man,his wife died ten years ago ,giving her one year baby girl in king’s lap.The king brought her up very nicely but he was strict towards her also.Now she is of eleven years.she had to live in palace only,she had no friends,She got many toys
but no body to talk to,all servants did her work like a machines,because they were not allowed to talk to her,and one supervisor was to supervise all the works.She was allowed to sit in her balcony.she was sitting and watching out side,suddenly she heard very lovely flute was being played by a boy,may be about 14-15 years,she wanted to see him from very near,so she went running to his father’s study”Daddy!Can I go down stairs,I will come back just in two minutes”‘”Why?Why do you want to go down stairs?”
She did not reply,and went back to her bedroom.At night while she did not reach on the dining table for dinner,the king got worried,and went himself in her badroom,she was suffering from high fever,he immediately called Rajvaidy,he gave her medicine,it took her a month to recover,but now she stopped laughing.King was very much worried,he tried him self to make her laugh but failed,then he announced that “who ever be get success in making my daughter laugh,I will give him lots of money with many other prizes”The Prime minister was sitting at the main gate,to note the name of the person and to give him token to go inside,many people came,somebody was telling jokes,somebody was doing dance,and somebody was showing magic,but nobody got success,co-incidentally Peenu was again going from that way,Peenu was his short name,his original name was Puneet,his father is a flute seller,but he was not well those days so he asked Peenu to go and sell flutes,he also knew,how to play the flute in rhythm.He saw a big crowd in front of the palace,he asked a man”What is going on”The man described whole thing”Peenu asked him”Can I go in?”Why not,you can also go in,if you get success to make the princess laugh,you will get lots of prizes with big amount of money,Peenu thought,he and his father have to do hard work for their livelihood ,I must try to get rid of this poverty,he also took the token and went inside,as he entered Princess room,She saw him and a the king the Rajvaidy and some ministers who were sitting, saw a  big smile on her face,King became very happy,he asked Puneet all details about him,called his father too,made nice arrangements for their living in the campus of the Palace,gave him many prizes and big money,with a job to entertain his daughter.