Monday, January 9, 2017

Grandma's Stories--900--Sinhasan Batteesi !! {7}

Next day Raja Bhoj again went and tried to sit on the Throne,while Seventh Female Statue,Kaunudi stopped him and asked ," Do you think you are eligible to sit on this throne,First listen to this story Of Vikramaditya's generosity,and then decide--
One day King Vikramaditya was taking rest in his bedroom while he heard a lady's cry,he went out to ask what the matter was,she said,"My husband was a Thief,the Town Inspector has commanded to Punish him by hanging him up side down on a tree,he is being hanged very high,he has not been eaten for many days,I want him to feed food but he is very high and no body is helping me because every body gets scared of royal punishment.King Vikramaditya said," You can stand on my shoulders and feed him,but she was not ready for that.Actually she was a Yakshni,and she did not want to feed him but wanted to eat him,and she did it,then she asked King Vikramaditya " Ask any thing " King Vikramaditya asked " Annapoorna Paatr"{A Magical Pot which can feed unlimited people and food never finished },At first he gave food to a hungry bramhin from this pot,and after eating he asked this pot as "Dakshina"{Cash or gift which is given after food}.King Vikramaditya gave it to him.
Kaumudi asked," Are you generous like King Vikramaditya ?"If Yes then You can sit on the throne.Raja Bhoj moved back. 

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