Monday, January 2, 2017

Grandma's Stories--877--Loyal TenaliRam !!

Once King Krishnadevrai decided to make a temple.A land within the jungle was selected.During cleaning of that land a huge statue of Lord Shia found.It was made by pure gold.Minister's mind got greedy,he thought,who will tell the King ? The Labourers can't dare,So he asked them to go put the Statue in his house.He was relaxed,and happy that he has got the statue worth Lac of rupees.He did not know that the labourers were sent by TenaliRam,and they immediately informed him about this.TenaliRam silently waiting for the chance.After "Bhumi Pooja" { Ground Breaking Ceremony} The construction work started and just after some days the Temple got ready.One day the court was on and suddenly King Krishnadevrai asked," Which GOD'S statue should be established in the temple ?"All Courtiers started giving their suggestions,Next day a Sage Jtadhari arrived in the court,He was offered a seat with respect,he and said,"I  have brought a message from Lord Shiva"King Krishnadevrai eagerly asked," What is the message?",He said,No need to make a new statue,I have already sent my huge statue of pure gold which is kept safely in Minister In charge's house,Just Establish it in the Temple." He stood up and went back saying,"Bam Bam Bhole"{ Remembering Lord Shiva}Minister was thinking Who was the Sage and How did he know ?King Krishnadevrai was looking around,he was searching TenaliRam,He was coming in .All courtiers started laughing loudly," One of them said," TenaliRam You have changed the getup but forgot to remove the garland in your neck.King Krishnadevrai said ,I knew he is None other than TenaliRam.He then said," TenaliRam is now the In Charge of further work."

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