Monday, January 2, 2017

Grandma's Stories--878---Red Handed !!

A rich man came to Badshah Akbar's Court,shouting " O My Lord ,I am robbed ,Thieves taken away all my money from treasure box,Badshah Akbar called Kotwal { Police Inspector } and asked him to catch the thief.Birbal was not there in the town those days.Badshah Akbar assured the rich man and sent him back.That night thieves did the theft in another rich man's house.Besides all alertness  number of thefts increased. Badshah Akbar was worried about it.Not a single courtier could suggest any thing about catching the thief.Birbal arrived and Badshah Akbar got relaxed.One more rich man came to the court complaining about theft in his house.Birbal assured "I will catch the thief"He knew a Diamond Jeweler,he went and talked to him.Then it was announced in the capital that There will be an exhibition of diamond jewellery in the central hall of the capital next night.The Jewellery was kept there and the hall was locked.Thieves broke the lock and took away all jewellery.Police had done the blockade{ checkpoints } those who were caught red colour on their hands were caught and sent to the Prison.They were thieves.The boxes of jewellery they had taken were just painted and so the paint was wet a little bit.The jewellery was also imitation jewellery.

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