Monday, January 2, 2017

Grandma's Stories--879--Matru's Masti !!

Matru was Deena's donkey.Deena was a potter and used to make pottery with the help of his wife Shanti and a daughter Rupa.He used to go to sell them in the weekend market,the pottery used to get tied on Matru's back.Matru had to work only for a day and rest days were real rest days for him yet he did not like his own work.One night after coming back from marked,Deena asked his daughter to give grass to Matru,She gave grass,but she could not tie the knot properly.In the midnight,Matru felt he was free,he decided to take advantage of this chance.He ran away.He went to the out skirts,lots of farms there full of crops.On the way he found a skin of tiger.A great idea clicked in his mind,he wore it,and went to a farm ate tummy full of corns,and then hid himself all day long behind a ruin.Next night again he went to another farm.Farmers were worried about this loss.They decided to watch,they saw a tiger eating corns,they couldn't believe,luckily a female donkey started braying near the farm and Oh! o ! what was that,the tiger also started braying,they caught him,they recognized him,he was Deena's Matru,Deena was searching him,They took him to Deena,and Matru was home now.Every one was hugging and stroking him.He also felt good.

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