Monday, January 2, 2017

Grandma's Stories--880--Farmer and Crane !!

Deendayal was a rich farmer.He had a big farm and many people were working there.Just now The corn crop was ready to harvest.He used to visit his farm to see how the work is going on.A female crane laid eggs behind a thick corn plants.The eggs got hatched and two babies came out.The crane had to go in search of food once or twice in a day.Babies are growing but they are safe there crane thought.Deendayal arrived that early morning,he saw the crop is ready to harvest,he said to labourer Ramu,"Ramu the crop is ready for harvest""Yes sir w'll do it soon"Babies told their mom about it,She said "Don't worry nothing is going to happen.After two days Deendayal again visited his farm,the work was not done yet,he saw the supervisor Shyam Chaubey ,he called him," The cropis ready to harvest why don't you get it done?" Yes Sir W'll do it"Babies conveyed the message to their mom,"Don't worry ! Nothing will happen."After three days Deendayal visited his farm and found the crop was not harvested,he got angry,he called the manager Vishnu Prasad," Why are you not harvesting the crop ? " Sorry sir ! W'll get it done" Babies conveyed the message to their mom,Mom said," Don't worry nothing will happen." Deendayal had to go to another village for some urgent work and so for next four days he could not visit the farm,but on fifth day when he arrived and saw the crop was still there,he said to himself,Tomorrow I will come early morning and start the work of harvesting.When babies conveyed this message,mom said," Yes now its time to fly away,you can fly now and I have searched a new safe place for us." They flew away.

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