Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grandma's Stories--881--Workaholic !!

Ellie and all her coworkers were very busy.they had pull and finish all the stuff to their house. Marcus was busy in singing.He was a grasshopper and was Ellie ant's friend.He found her always busy pulling things on her head aur dragging things with her friends towards their house.He used to make fun of her work,"Why do you all do such a hard work all day long ? See how the world is beautiful but you don't have time just to have a look.Ellie always felt irritated hearing his music,singing and his taunts,but she never replied.Rainy season is very near and they all need to collect a big amount of food before that.She overlooked Marcus and again got busy.Marcus started singing again.
Rainy season started,Ellie and all her co workers are inside their house which was built solid and very comfortable for all of them.Not even a single drop of water was allowed to come in.They all had enough quantity of food so no worries.It rained three days and nights countinuously.After three days they were seeing Sun shine.Ellie peeped out,She saw Marcus was laying there exactly at their door.He was unconscious.She came out with her friends and pulled her in,after some time he became conscious.he looked around,he got food there,he felt energy.Ellie said," Now ,have you understood why all of us get busy all the time,we work for these hard days,we build our house we collect food." Marcus felt ashamed. 

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