Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grandma's Stories--882--Trust !!

There was a very old Banyan Tree. It was huge.Many birds were living on that tree.They used to make nests ,lay eggs,and were living happily together. There was an old Hawk,named Harry  he could not see properly due to weak eye sight was also living there.birds liked him as his presence was a protection guarantee for them.So they all were giving him food and water.No other wild animal could harm their eggs and babies in his presence.A cunning Cat named Joel came there.When he saw lots of eggs and small babies his mouth watered.He decided to stay there.But how ? He decided to talk to Harry,He went to him and requested to allow him staying there.He said," I have left eating non vegetarian things,because ,I had taken an oath.Harry allowed him and he found a hollow for living there.He hid himself in frnt of all birds that night,next morning when all birds went out in search of food,he quietly climbed up the tree and ate Sparrow's five eggs.In the evening when all birds came back,Sparrow was shocked to see her eggs vanished.She conveyed this shocking news to every one and they all decided to hide themselves behind the leaves of other trees.They did the same,they saw Cunning Joel was climbing the tree,they all attacked together on him and he ran away.When they asked Harry about it he described,but was shocked to hear the sad news about Sparrow;s eggs.They all said ,"Every one is not trust worthy"!

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