Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grandma's Stories--883--Bunny & Sebastian !!

We all have heard the story of Race between The Rabbit and The Tortoise but We don't know how they became friends. Once upon a time there was a big jungle.It was dense and dark.There was a big pond in the middle many animals in that jungle and aquatics were in pond living happily.One day Hunter David lost his way and by mistake reached that jungle.Seeing all types of animals his eyes started sparkling.Suddenly he saw a beautiful Rabbit he decided to catch him while he was following the Rabbit,He saw a big Tortoise was crawling at the bank of the Pond ,but when he was about to catch him he suddenly jumped in the water,David did not know to swim so he again concentrated on Rabbit.He searched and found,he again started following.The Rabbit was very swift,he could not catch him,and again he saw the tortoise,at another bank,"Is it the same ? He was confused,he thought this time I will catch and tie him,and then follow the Rabbit,but Oh ! O ! the same thing happen again,as if both of them were reading his mind or playing "Hide & Seek" with him.He was tired of all this.He went back home,taken the oath,never to go back to that jungle.They were Bunny The Rabbit & Sebastian the Tortoise,They are still friends and living in that jungle,hidden from all of us.

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