Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grandma's Stories--884--How Many Crows ?

TenaliRam was King Krishnadevrai's  most favourite minister,as he was very intelligent and a quick reply of every question was always at the tip of his tongue.Time to time King Krishnadevrai had tested it by asking vague questions.One day when Court was on he asked TenaliRam," How many Crows do we have in our state ?"TenaliRam said," Eight Lac,forty five thousand nine hundred and sixty four"Every one got amazed and King Krishnadevrai also,he asked ," If they were more ?" TenaliRam smiled and said," Some have come here to meet their relatives." King Krishnadevrai asked " And If they were less ? TenaliRam smiled and said,"Some have gone to meet their relatives." Every body was silent,appreciating his brain.

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