Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Grandma's Stories--885--Pet Horse !!

Long long ago Horse was living in jungle that time.He was free,eating green grass and was fat and flashy.He used to move here and there carelessly.Life was good full of fun,no problems till Lion did not appear there.One day Horse saw Lion,Sharp teeth and nails,he got scared and ran towards village.He went to man and asked him to save from Lion.Man said," O.K. Don't worry,I will protect you,but for that You will have to listen to me.He agreed,The man tied saddle on Horse back and draped halter and took up the reins in his hands.He said," Now you are safe,If I am on your back you can never be in danger." Horse asked ," What about food ?" The man said," Of course you will have green grass and Grams also." The Horse became happy.On that day on wards he is with man, he has been riding him from one place to another in cart,carriage .Transporting goods on back from here to there,Running in Race.He is now a pet animal.He gets food but he lost freedom.

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