Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grandma's Stories--886--Sheikhchilli and Master !!

One day Sheikhchilli decided to go and search work in the town,when he was roaming here and there every where to find job,he met his four friends,they all had lost their ears and nose.Sheikhchilli asked,"What happened ?to them ,they said they all worked for one rich man Qazi  one by one and the rich man cut their ears and nose.Why ? How ? asked Sheikhchilli,they said ," He appoints any one on this condition that if they fail to follow his orders or commands they need to give their ears and nose.And he asks to do weird works,one has to think better to have loss of ears and nose instead of continue the work.
Sheikhchilli decided to go to that rich man Qazi and work.He was appointed,and asked to plough 10 acres of land ,bring firewood for cooking,and hunt for dinner.These all works to be done till afternoon.After coming back,Chapati and Curd {Full of a clay pot} will be given to him.And he will have to eat chapati without making small and drink the curd without opening Clay Pot's mouth.Sheikhchilly happily went to the farm,the house dog also went with him to guard.He dug small pits all over at the boundary of the farm,He broke the plough as firewood,and killed the dog as hunt for dinner,he came back before afternoon,When the Qazi and his wife heard they regreated to appoint him, became angry,he left the round circle of the chapati and ate all the middle part,he made a hole under the clay pot and drank all the curd.The Qazi said," Forgive us and leave the job"He said,"First both of you give me your ears and nose."Qazi said ," Please forgive us " "Why ? Haven't you realize this before cutting other people's ears and nose and before taking undue advantage of their simplicity." Sheikhchilli was not ready to leave them,but at last they gave him one thousand rupees and got rid of him .

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