Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grandma's Stories--887--Most Valuable Gift !!

Once King Krishnadevrai won a big battle.He was very happy and so he invited all courtiers for dinner.It was of course a grand dinner.After dinner every one was offered a gift.A big heap of gifts was laying there and every one was picking a gift of his choice from it.At last only a small plate left>TenaliRam came late,he said sorry about it.King Krishndevrai said,"Only this plate left now for you as a gift so pick it up.TenaliRam picked it up touched his head{ Indian custom to give respect }and hid it under his tunic,King Krishnadevrai asked,"Why are you hiding it TenaliRam ? TenaliRam replied ," Your Majesty ! I have been taking plates full of diamonds gold and jewellery for last many years if people see empty plate what would they think ? All the courtiers started laughing loudly,but King Krishnadevrai immediately took off his own precious necklace from his neck and put that in the plate.So TenaliRam gote the most valuable gift.

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