Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Grandma's Stories--888--Clever Cavin !!

Cavin was living in a country side village.It was a very small village.Almost all people were farmers there.They have different vegetable crops in their farms.Children used to go to school run by the church.All farmers were honest and hard working,they were happy with what they were earning.Only Philip was not like them.He was selfish,and greedy,but still people dod not hate him in fact they all knew and experienced once or twice being cheated by him.He was not a farmer,he used to buy fruits from other farmers and sell them on his shop.The bigger part of vegetables and fruits was sold in the weekend market of the nearby town.
Cavin wanted to eat berries,and he had some coins enough to buy berries.He was with his friend,he went to Philip's shop and asked berries.Philip asked money more than Cavin had,so he returned back home.He knew Philip was asking money more than the prize,but he did not tell this to his parents.Next day ,Philip cam to Cavin's house to buy oranges as usual.His parents have orange orchard there.Cavin's parents were not at home and gone to church.Cavin said," You know my friend's father wants to start a shop here.He is searching a shop on rent.He is planning to sell fruits here.If you don't stop cheating people,I will definitely invite him here as your competitor,yesterday you asked more money for berries.I know that." Philip said," No,No don't call him here I will stop all this."And he really stopped ,People were amazed seeing that but could never know how this miracle happened.

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