Thursday, January 5, 2017

Grandma's Stories--889--A Folk Tale From Himanchal !!

Deenanath was a poor farmer.Other rich farmers used to call him "deenu".He liked to eat pot luck by whatever he was earning by his hard work.He had a small piece of land,which was far away and heath.One day he decided to plough it and make a farm.He went there with spade and axe,he started to break the soil balls.A healthy and short man reached there and asked him ," A Man,why are you making so much noise ? Deenu said," This is my land,I am making it worth farming.""You are breaking the soil balls or my skull ?""Your skull is on your shoulders,but why are you so angry ?He said," My name is Khattanveer, and I have got my Pattan { town}on this hill ""But this is the only property of mine,why are you so angry? he again asked him." Khattanveer said," Today you are breaking soil balls,tomorrow you will break my teeth"Go away run away from here."Deenu said," I have come here to clean and clear my land and I will do it."He got busy in doing his work.and the Short man Khattanveer went from there.Deenu did hard work for next many days,he leveled the land .Khatanveer did not come back but when the crop was ready he came and harvest and taken with him.Deenu was very sad and was bearing the loss.To whom he could complain ?" He again sowed the seeds and started guarding,but second time also Khattanveer came and harvest the crop,taken away.Deenu was again sad,sitting there,while Khattanveer came and said,"There are many thieves here,You make me your patner,I will guard your farm" Deenu asked Tell me What is your condition for that ?"I have only one condition,First crop's upper part will be mine,and lower part will be yours" Deenanath sowed Potatoes,Leaves were taken by Khattanveer,and Potatoes were taken by Deenanath.Second time Khattanveer said," I will take the lower part,Deenanath sowed wheat,the grains were taken by Deenanath and the stalk and stems were taken by Khattanveer.By these two crops Deenanath earned good money,he made a hut near his farm and started living there.When Khattanveer came to ask him,he said,No I don't need any one I will do on my own." Khattanveer asked," Have you found any other partner ?""Yes ! Here it is,He showed his bamboo stick,He caught Khattanveer's Hair's topknot and then taken money worth previous two crops,stolen by him. 

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