Thursday, January 5, 2017

Grandma's Stories--890--Elijah failed !!

Elijah was a wolf living in Wales.Seep farming is the main work of the country side farmers.Elijah was living out skirts of the village.Every day he was seeing the Sheep grazing on the hill.Some Shepherds used to come with them and were keeping keen eye on them.He has been watching this for many days.He thought,this is not a good idea,he can't pounce and drag a sheep in front of them.He was disappointed while suddenly he found a complete skin of dead sheep.He dragged it behind the bush,and wore it.It was fitted to his body.He became happy.Now he decided to work on the second idea.When it was dark and shepherds were going back with their sheep,he also entered in a group of sheep.He planned to kill a flashy sheep in the midnight and drag it to the jungle.But unfortunately he failed,because in the evening some guests arrived in that Shepherd's house,he asked his servant to cook mutton,The servant pulled the Elijah's ears thinking that it is quite fat and flashy sheep.But Oh ! O ! the complete skin was in his hands,Elijah ran away and could any how save himself.

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