Thursday, January 5, 2017

Grandma's Stories--891--Who will tie the bell ?

There was a "Pansari's Shop"{ Provision Store}.Wheat,rice,pulses,corns every thing was available there.It was a village so every thing was kept in Big jute bags which were easily nibbled by rats,and there lived lots of rats.They had plenty of food to eat.They were making fun,all day long bang around.The Store owner was very much worried,and wanted to get rid of the rats.So, one suggested him to pet a cat.He bought a cat.Cat was left open there.Now she started hunting the rats,and she got fat.Rats were very much worried and thinking how to get rid of the cat.They organized a meeting to decide about the cat.every one was suggesting different things.One said," Let us tie a ring in her neck,so we could know she is coming with the ringing bell."And who will tie that ,You ?"Every one ask him.He had no reply.There was no way no solution they could find and their number was going down and down day by day.The most senior rat then decided to leave the shop and go some where else,every one got agreed,and they all moved away.

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