Thursday, January 5, 2017

Grandma's Stories--892--Sheikhchilli & Ameer !!

Once Sheikhchilli went to Ameer's house asking for a job.Ameer said,"O.K. I will give you a job,but do you know how to do a job successfully ? Sheikhchilli said," No,I don't know,Please tell me." Ameer said," If Master asks to do one thing you need to do four things." Sheikhchilli said,"O.K."One day Ameer's wife "Begam" fell ill,Ameer asked Sheikhchilli to go and call "Haqim"{Doctor},He went and sent "Haqim" then he went to "Kabristan" {Cemetery }talked to authorities there,He ordered for a coffin,he went to the post office and informed all relatives about "begam"'s death.When Haqim was doing treatment,all the relatives arrived crying loudly,Cemetery people came to ask the grave's size,and the Coffin seller also to know the size.Ameer asked them,why they all are here,they said,Sheikhchilli did this,Ameer asked Sheikhchilli,Why did you do this ? He said," You asked me to do four works if asked to do one."Ameer immediately fired him from the job.

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