Thursday, January 5, 2017

Grandma's Stories--893--Followed Words !!

One day King Krishnadevrai was very happy and he gave ten ten thousand gold coins to each courtier,He said," Go and buy what ever you want but spend each coin after seeing my face.All the courtiers went to the market but could not buy anything,they were thinking about KingKrishnadevrai's words.Next day King Krishnadevrai asked all"What have you purchased ?"Everyone said,"Nothing"TenaliRam came in the court with new dress,shoes,ornaments,King asked " Every thing new ?" Yes! Your Majesty every thing new.""It means you did not follow my words""Yes Your Majesty I followed your words""How,I was in the palace,How did you see my face ?""Your Majesty,On each Coin we have your picture,I spent each coin after seeing your face." King became happy with the reply and with the intelligence.He appreciated him.

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