Friday, January 6, 2017

Grandma's Stories--894--Sinhasan Bateesi !! {1}

Raja Bhoj { King Bhoj} is a well known and justice loving King of Ujjayani .He was Religious as well.In his state Shepherd Boy Chandrabhan's Justice became famous { We read it in " Judgement Seat of Vikramaditya}and village people living around started coming to him for justice.King Bhoj then sent some workers and got dug the mound and a wonderful throne came out.32 female statues were holding the throne.The throne was brought to the Palace,and kept in a room.When Raja Bhoj went there and wanted to sit,all the female statues started laughing,and said together,"you can not sit on this throne.Raja Bhoj was surprised to see them talking,he asked,"Why can't I sit on this throne"and who are you ? She replied ,"My name is Ratn Manjari,This is King Vikramaditya's Throne.If you are Stunning,strong and intelligent like him only then you can sit on it,otherwise never""How can I decide this ?"I am telling you a story,you listen to it,and judge yourself."Long long ago there was a state named Ambavati in aaryavart.Gandharvsen was ruling that state.He had six sons--Bramhjeet,Shankh,Vikramaditya,Bhratrhari,Chandra,and Dhanvantari.
When grew up Prince Shankh killed his father,Gandharvsen,and became the king,Prince Bramhjeet died earlier,but Vikramaditya understood Shankh's Conspiracy,he moved out of the state.Shankh was thinking,Vikramaditya was his biggest enemy,he sent spies to search him.After a long time Shankh could know that Vikramaditya was living in a hut in jungle.,He is doing Yoga and {Jap Tap -- Hard and tough prayers}and made his body and brain strong.King Shankh planned and sent a "Tantrik"there.According to the plan,he had to try hard to make Vikramaditya ready for "Kali Pooja"{ Goddess Worship}and hidden King Shankh will behead him when he will bow his head to Goddess.Tantrik asked Vikramaditya  to bow his head,,but Vikramaditya behead the tantrik,snatched his sword,and killed hidden king Shankh.This way he killed his father's murderer and finished the unjustice,Now tell me are you Stunning,strong and intelligent like him ?

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