Friday, January 6, 2017

Grandma's Stories--895--Sinhasan Bateesi !! {2}

Second day again Raja Bhoj { King Bhoj } tried to sit on the divine throne of King Vikramaditya ,The Second Female Statue Chitrlekha told a story about Vikramaditya " One day a saint became very happy with Vikramaditya's virtues and gave him a fruit."The lady will give birth to a glorious,stunning strong child if eats this fruit.Vikramaditya was once going for a walk while he saw a lady was committing suicide,was crying,Vikramaditya asked the reason,She said,she did not have any child,Vikramaditya gave that fruit to her.Vikramaditya forgot the incident.One day a bramhin came to Vikrmaditya's court and gave that fruit to King Vikramadity saying that,my lover{girl friend}hates her husband and gave me this fruit,she gave it to me for welfare,If Queen eats it she will give birth to a glorious stunning and strong prince.King Vikramditya gave that fruit to the Queen.The Queen had relationship with {Nagar Kotwal} Police Chief,she gave that fruit to him for welfare.He was loving a Prostitute,so he gave that fruit to her,That Prostitute gave the fruit to King Vikramaditya,King got surprised ,he inquired about it and came to know about the betrayal of Queen,She committed suicide.The King went to the jungle.Lord Indra's Subordinates were looking after his state.When the king came back to know about his state,at first he was not allowed to go in,but then Subordinates surrendered and handed over the state to King Vikramaditya.Are you that brave ? She asked.Raja Bhoj moved back.

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