Friday, January 6, 2017

Grandma's Stories--896--Sinhasan Batteesi !! {3}

Third day Raja Bhoj again was prepared to sit on the Throne,The third female statue Chnadrakala asked ," Are you as justice loving as King Vikramaditya was.?" She started telling a story,Once there was a quarrel between fortune and manliness.Both were declaring themselves better than other.When they could not decide,Lord Indra suggested them to go to king Vikramaditya, they came to earth to Vikramaditya for justice.Both of them were in human getup.Vikramaditya asked them to come after six months,and he himself went to another state in ordinary getup.He went to a businessman and asked job.He said he can do any work which any other can not.The businessman appointed him.After some days he set forth on a journey ,he was on a ship laden by the things he wanted to sell to far away places.A big sea storm occurred,The ship was anchored off safely one island.When the storm stopped they wanted to cast anchor ,they could not.He called Vikramaditya,whatever was not done by many mariners together was done by Vikramaditya.The ship was sailing fast after casting anchor,and Vikramaditya was left on that island.He saw a city on that island.There was a hording on the entrance gate," Princess of this state would get married to Vikramaditya"Thinking that this city's people are perfect predictors,King Vikramaditya entered the palace without any hesitation.The Royal Priest already had predicted of his arrival,so the marriage took place.After a long stay there he wished to go to his own state,so he promised his wedded wife to call her later and said bye to her.On the way he met a saint.The saint presented him a garland and a divine stick.He said,you can be invisible after wearing this garland,and can do any work,and with this divine stick,you can get any ornament you wish.After six months journey,Vikramaditya arrived to his own state,he stayed in his favourite park.This park was maintained by honest and hard working one Bramhin and one Bhat {entertainer },They have made the garden green by doing their hard efforts.When they saw the king,they became very happy.They asked Prize,King said," I have got this garland and the divine stick by fortune but both of them are asking prize for their efforts manliness,so both of them are equal" Chandrakala asked," Can you do justice like King Vikramaditya ? If Yes then only you can sit on this throne." Raja Bhoj moved back.

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