Sunday, January 8, 2017

Grandma's Stories--897--Sinhasan Batteesi !! { 4}

Raja Bhoj next day again went to sit on the Throne,while Female Statue Kandala spoke," If You are Kind and Generous like King Vikramaditya only then You can sit on it,Listen to the story and decide are you eligible to sit on this throne or not--
One day a Bramhin came to King Vikramaditya's court,he said,I have come from Maansarovar,A Pillar comes out there at the the time of Sunrise,in the after noon it touches the sky and when the Sun sets the pillar gradually becomes shorter and shorter and then vanishes in the Maansarovar.Your Majesty ! Some time ago there was an argument among GODS that no body could stand in front of GOD Surya's power and light,From that day,Sea GOD has started taking Sun GOD'S interview through this Pillar.Lord Indra said," Human beings of Earth also can have interview of Sun GOD.All the GODS were disagree with this statement.Then he told," A Stunning Strong and Powerful king like Vikramaditya can have an interview with SUN GOD.Vikramaditya said," This might be true"I will try" King Vikramaditya had two magical arrows.Next day early in the morning he reached to Maansarovar lake with the help of brave Vetaals.He climbed up on the pillar and sat on it.Gradually Sun started moving up,and the pillar also going up,when the pillar reached high in the sky,Vikramaditya felt burning hot and turned into ashes,When Sun GOD saw human ashes on the pillar,he got amazed,he dropped some drops of { Amrat} holy water on it,Vikramaditya got alive,he bowed his head to Sun GOD,Sun GOD became happy to know the introduction ,he blessed King Vikramaditya,he gifted him { Kawach & Kundal}which could fulfill all the wishes.While coming back,one saint asked those { Kawach & Kundal } from King Vikramaditya,he was so generous gave them to the saint.
Kundala asked ," Are you that much brave and generous ? Raja Bhoj moved back.

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