Sunday, January 8, 2017

Grandma's Stories--898--Sinhasan Batteesi !! {5}

Next day when Raja Bhoj again tried to sit on the throne female statue Leelavati asked him ,"If you are generous and kind only then you can sit on this throne.Listen to the story about King Vikramaditya," One day a learned Bramhin came to king Vikramaditya's court and said,"If you make a palace according to the astrology guided time,and start living there your kingdom will be happy and prosperous.Vikramaditya asked the treasurer to give what ever amount is asked to build the Palace.According to the astrology guided time the construction started,when the Palace got ready and King Vikramaditya went to see it with the Bramhin,Bramhin suddenly said ," I wish it was my Palace." King Vikramaditya immediately donated the Palace to him,When the Bramhin was sleeping in the bedroom of that Palace ,the whole bedroom filled with fragrance and light a voice said," Ask ,what do you want ?he and his wife did not speak a single word,after some time the voice stopped,the light and fragrance vanished.Early in the morning,the scared Bramhin returned back the Palace.Now again the Palace became King Vikramaditya's property.King said," Whatever is donated can't be taken back."So Bramhin was insisted and given the equal amount of the Palace's Prize.That night Vikramaditya was sleeping in the same bedroom,the same voice was heard with light and fragrance,Ask,what do you want ? King Vikramaditya said,With the blessing of GODDESS I have got every thing,but you want to bless happily then I wish a rain of money throughout the state so that all my people can become prosperous.GODDESS blessed and vanished,All the people were so loyal they deposited all the gold to the Royal treasury.
Are you that much generous. ? only then you could sit on the throne.Raja Bhoj moved back.

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