Monday, January 9, 2017

Grandma's Stories--899--Sinhasan Batteesi !! {6}

Next day Raja Bhoj again tried to sit on the Throne of King Vikramaditya,The female Statue Ravibhama stopped him and said" Listen the Story of Patience and Hospitality of King Vikramaditya and then decide are you eligible to sit on this Throne----One day King Vikramaditya was just walking in his Golden Palace,at the bank of Shipra river.He saw a man { Vipradas}a woman and a child were walking towards the river,he swa that all of them jumped into the river.He immediately commanded his Vetaal Veers to save them.They were saved.King asked them the reason for suicide.They said they had nothing to eat and wear.King asked his workers to arrange their stay in the guest house. Vipradas and his family started living in the guest house,he ordered to take good care of them.The guests changed the beautiful room in to a dirty and untidy room.All over mess and rubbish was thrown,when attendants complained about all this king said,"Clean it but don't say any thing to them,attendants continued but they lost patience.King Vikramaditya him self started doing cleaning.Vipradas asked,"Why are you cleaning.You have so many attendants."King said,"You are my guest and it is my responsibility to look after you.King Vikramaditya did massage Vipradas's body while asked and brought water for their bath.After bath he saw they were divine people,the room was as beautiful as it was,Vipradas said," I am Varun Devta,I came here to test your hospatility.I bless you and your kingdom will never suffer from famine,there will always be peace and Prosperity" they all vanished.
Ravibhama asked," Do you have that much patience ? Can you look after the guests like King Vikramaditya ? If no then you are not eligible to sit on this throne.Raja Bhoj moved back.

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